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Thread: UFC 145 - Anyone else watching?

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    It's up to $70. Thankfully, I've found a few others around my area who are big fight guys, so while it's relatively infrequent, every now and again we get together for a big PPV. Canelo-Mosley on this card solidified our decision.
    Please tell me that $70 is for the HD feed. Jeebus that's expensive. My buddies & I used to have PPV parties for every UFC bout. Then Buffalo Wild Wings started showing them all live. It became a good excuse to get out of the house for a few hours. The girls would get to hang out at the designated crib while the fellas would hit up the local BWs. Always worked out well. Then I decided to move to the Great White North. Now the nearest BWs is about two hours away. Thank god the UFC guys get it and broadcast some quality fights on cable.
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    Boxing is a joke. I can't do it anymore, and this is coming from a guy who when I was 12 would stay up til 2 AM and watch ESPN classic airing Max Baer Primo Carnera fights...At this point, it's too late for anyone to really care about Pacquio Mayweather, Kelly Pavlik was the last great story (no, not just cuz he's white lol)...I'd only pretty much pay to watch Pac-Man at this point, but even that's getting old. The Klitschkos are ok to watch, just cuz, well, they're the Klitschkos haha...very very sad that boxing has been ruined.
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