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Thread: Time to Eliminate Holding?

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    Time to Eliminate Holding?

    I heard a discussion on WGR550 in Buffalo this morning about there being more holding penalties this year due to the new official placement. How exciting! Just about the only thing baseball has over football is that you never see a home run called back for a penalty (and, the one time you do, you get a reaction for the ages from George Brett!).

    I was thinking that the NFL made a great decision by eliminating the judgment factor on passes near the sideline and making it so the receiver had to get both feet down no matter what. Nothing's worse than theoretical debates about what could have, but didn't, happen.

    Would the enjoyment of a football game be improved by allowing linemen to hold? Would the game be improved, or worsened? If made worse, would that be offset by having fewer plays called back because of holding, and also having fewer arguments that other plays should have been called back because of missed holding calls?

    I think it's worth pondering - the holding call is one of the most deflating aspects of a professional football game.

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    I hate TDs being called back as much as the next guy...and I also think that holding is one of those calls that could be called on almost every play. That being said, eliminating the rule completely is ridiculous as you would all but eliminate one of the most exciting plays in football, the sack.

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    If allow holding, you have to allow EVERYONE to hold. Did you watch alot of hockey in the trap era? It would be like watching football's version of the trap times 3. Every game would be 10-7 or 14 -10 and such. And as far as the Bills go, we might go games at a time without scoring!

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    Not in favor of eliminating holding calls and like JAM1981 I think you could call it on nearly every play. I think what should happen is somehow loosening up the interpretation of it. Not sure how to do that but I do fear being overrun with offensive holding calls this year.

    By the way, GREAT George Brett reference!
    Buckle Dem Chinstraps Primadonnas!

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