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Thread: Article: Where Should Colt McCoy Play in 2012?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pruitt View Post
    Not sure I agree.

    The team was 4-12, and when the most you can hope for is basic competence from you QB, it is time to start looking elsewhere.
    We're going to bring three of these four/five quarterbacks out of camp: Brandon Weeden, Colt McCoy, Seneca Wallace, Thad Lewis, and Unnamed/As-yet-undrafted Rookie.

    Weeden is the starter, and if I'm choosing between backups-who-think-they-should-start, I'll take McCoy over Wallace. His contract is more favorable than Wallace's, and McCoy I think will try to help the team. Wallace seems to think he should start in a fairly unproductive way, and he', not any better than McCoy. I certainly don't want to break camp with a 28-year old rookie, a 22-year old rookie, and Thad Lewis. McCoy at least has 20+ games as a starter under his belt and we know what we'll get from him in practice and in the event of an injury.
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    Earlier I was hearing that possibly HOU would be interested. But what about BUF? I sense that he may wind up there. I could see GB but something BUF works there. If Matt Leinart isn't officially with OAK after this weekend, how about OAK?

    I think that BUF would be a taker. Chan Gailey would like to take on that project. It appears that McCoy & Sanchez are the same size & Mark has survived the AFC East. That measureable alone could be what they look at & decide that it could work for them; as a Back-Up.
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    Love to have him, but I think Buddy will wait until he's cut.

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