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Thread: Locker, Luck, or Mallett?

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    Locker, Luck, or Mallett?

    Let's talk about something positive concerning the Bills. Assuming we are in a position to do so, which QB would you like to see drafted? Why do you favor that player over the other two? I ask because I am a casual college football fan and know very little about them. Aside from always hearing the national media throw their names around.

    I would say Locker from what I know. Older, more experienced of the three, plays in cold weather, and I like his size.


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    Not sure Locker's the guy - great arm, yes, but isn't not accurate, throws too many picks, and hasn't really won in college. In fact, if you read this article (, you'd probably not feel too great about taking Locker. I'd like to avoid another J.P. Losman-type player.

    My vote is for Ryan Mallet. Plays in the best conference in college football (SEC - there is absolutely NO argument to be made against that), has had some big games, and should roll this season (

    Andrew Luck would be also be a really good pick, but I feel like he might stay in school one more year. And I'm not sure how I feel about another Stanford QB - T.E. has really soured them for me.

    So I'd go Mallet, Luck, Locker, in that order.

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    Id rather they passed on a qb and got a line.

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