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Thread: Stupid Rookie Rules

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    Stupid Rookie Rules

    Here's two completely assinine rules that govern the incoming rooks, as to their involvement in the offseason program.

    #1. All the teams are having a rooks only minicamp. That's nice. Let them get comfortable. Work them out a little, slowly immerse them in your scheme. Here's the major issue. ONLY true rooks can attend. So if you don't have a rook qb, who the hell throws anyone the ball? That's right, you sign a udfa for a weekend to have a camp arm. That's stupid.

    #2 Rooks can't attend anything, but said rookie minicamp until their schools classes are over. Completely dumb. Most guys have already withdrawn from school to attend training facilities, to pump their stock for the draft. Quite a few only attended college to play football. Why keep them from their now chosen profession??

    Both rules need changed. Totally counter productive...
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    True, but rule #2 helps keep up the facade of the "Student Athlete."
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