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Thread: 2010 Bengals vs 2012 Bengals

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    2010 Bengals vs 2012 Bengals

    We had a ton of "experts" picking the Bengals to win the division in 2010 and that season blew up big time. The team is totally different now, but what team characteristics does this team have that will end really the worst streak in the NFL. No back to back winning seasons for a 16 game schedule since the 70's.

  2. The biggest difference is team character. The locker room in 2012 compared to 2010 is night and day diffferent. This group is all about we/us not I/me. When the game is on the line, the huddle and sideline has the same are we going to win this game. Not the selfish attitiude of I have to have the ball in my hands for my team to win the game. When you have a locker room that polices itself (Pittsburgh, New England, Baltimore) you have something special. The Bengals are getting closer to this dynamic.

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    Teams must look to the quarterback as the leader of the team. At least they should. Can you touch on the difference between Carson and Andy?

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