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Thread: Feeling Strangely Fine

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    Feeling Strangely Fine

    I've been feeling strangely..nostalgic lately. Thinking of a time when Closing Time was on the radio and our team was starting to grow into something special. I loved that team, I loved that time. I was 18 years old in 1997 with the whole world in front of me. After years of being asked, "Why do you like the Bucs, they suck" (I live in Ohio) I finally had a team on the rise. I stayed true to my team never wavering in the down years of my youth and now I was being rewarded with a 10 year run that saw multiple playoff appearances and a Super Bowl victory. Here lately as friends ask me how I think the Bucs are gonna do this year, I'm feeling strangely...optimistic. I feel like I did in 1997 again. I feel like this team is building something special. I like this team, I like the way they are being built. The way we are building through the draft and saving money so we can keep this team together for another 10 year run. Nobody knows it, but I have a secret smile and it's for this Bucs team. I can see in 10 years talking about how great it was watching, Ruud and Freeman and Benn, Jackson and McCoy. Hell I might still be talking about Ronde!! Who knows maybe in a couple we will all be singing in our sleep after the Bucs raise another Lombardi trophy, Feeling Strangely...Victorious!
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    I agree whole heartily, last year was a kick to the gut of how thing for a few years yet I look at all the pieces that the Bucs have accumlated and I feel strangely calm with the process. I see tons of potential and heart on this team and the last 2 years of drafting have been some of the best in easily recent memory, harking back like you mentioned to the days of Dungy. With Chucky, I never knew what the Bucs were going to be like going into the season. Was this a year in which we were playoffs contenders, middle of the pack or a very down year. So many outliers each and every season. It's nice to know that this team is being built to contend not just short term but year after year after year. Freeman, a pick I hated at the time and had to talk myself into a week later, has done everything so far you could of asked and is making me put faith in him I think is dangerous. This draft and seeing how they proved in camp and preseason make me wonder if they might be able to do something special on the D-line. There might be some hope for the WR core after all and we have a decent line that wouldn't get our QB killed. All in All, I feel sorry for the other Bucs that turned away from the team but will be coming back on as soon as they start winning. Sure they can say they support the team but you know what, watching these guys grow and start to shape up to the team we know they might become.
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    I agree that they've had a couple of good drafts. I like Freeman and who could argue with McCoy. But the jury is still out of the coaching staff. They got a pass in their first year, but this is an important year for Raheem Morris. He doesn't have to make the playoffs, but he needs to show improvement over last year and field a competitive team week in and week out.

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    What happens if Freeman's thumb bothers him for a major part of the season?
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