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Thread: Do we need to worry about the Offense?

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    Do we need to worry about the Offense?

    I don't mean this to be an alarm, but I have been having this argument with fellow Saints fans about our WR core. While I do not think we 'need' a number one WR, I am worried that now that we lost Meachem, we've lost the most talented WR on the team and there is no replacement on the roster.

    Colston is our number one for sure, but you cannot be blind to the fact that Meachem had the potential to be beat you deep and do the possesion receiver stuff Colston does. I thought AA would step up, but he's injury prone. Morgan I think is a straight line runner. Tanner is a possesion receiver I think. Toon hasn't gotten on the field and I think Roby is who he is (albeit a great ST contributor). Who will step up and provide that dual threat in the 1 WR sets Meachem played in? That play action from the big formation ('12' personnel with OT lined up as TE) was a huge part of our arsenal the past 3 years.

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    you still have lance moore right?

    Colston, Moore, Graham and Toon, from an outsiders view I think you'll be fine. You also have David Thomas, and of course Darren Sproles out of the backfield. Plus Chris Givens has potential.

    With Drew Brees you don't need studs, just guys that can get open.

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    I like Meachem too. I like some of the young guys, so I think they'll be OK once the season starts. {Unfortunately for them, apparently Brees has a weak arm, so they don't need a deep threat anyway.}

    Those are sarcasm brackets.
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    When looking at just WRs, the Saints are probably in the middle of the pack. Colston is a good player, Moore and Henderson are nice complements. But when you drop the 'wide' and just look at receivers (starting with Graham and Sproles) the Saints are in great shape. Probably top 5.

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    oh yea, forgot about Henderson.

    I'd be more than happy if I was a Saints fan.

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    We can all say that Brees will figure it out, but having those big and fast receivers is still nice.
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