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Thread: Only saw the last 5 minutes of the game...

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    Quote Originally Posted by KabaModernFan View Post
    There's not much positive I can say about the offense after that performance, but there were some bright spots on defense. Buster Skrine looked good in coverage, Emmanuel Stephens looked good rushing the passer in limited snaps, and I was really impressed by Craig Robertson at linebacker.
    You're right that Skrine played pretty well, which is a damn good thing because we're going to need him for the next few weeks. I'm looking forward to seeing how Trevin Wade, who looked good in pre-season, plays in meaningful games, too. The pass rush was there, as I tried to point out earlier, and you've followed up on that with some more specifics. Craig Robertson and L.J. Fort--unfortunate that he dropped a game-sealing interception--both had very good games. Not bad. The defense is obviously not a finished product, but there's clearly something we can work with here. The offense really needs to come a long way in a week, though, in order for us to be competitive at all next Sunday.
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