My observations:
-The refs were terrible and horrible calls went both ways. I'm not going to sit here and blame the refs, but I would have rather lost to a SF team that was better without all the BS penalties or missed calls.
-Cedric Benson looked indecisive. I know it was against SF and they're a top defense, but Aaron Rodgers was the leading rusher again yesterday. We could have had the same results with Starks and not wasted a roster spot on Benson.
-Nick Perry showed the quickness and speed he needs to be an effective LOLB, but he burned us badly in the pass game. The one play where Crabtree caught the big pass on him was particularly offensive. One thing I learned in football that's true for almost any position on the field is: ALWAYS keep your feet moving. Crabtree started to sprint forward towards Perry who remained in his two point stance. He was flat footed and didn't even move until Crabtree made his break. At that point, starting from a dead stop, Crabtree was off to the races. Even if Perry was out of position, just keep moving and don't give up the top. Keep Crabtree underneath. By not moving, he added a good 8-10 yards to that play.
-Rodgers looked like his MVP self aside from the INT. He had exceptional zip and vision and he seems more athletic than last year.
-We gave Randy Moss too much respect. He was consistently given 7-8 yard cushions by the Packer DBs. Where the Packer DBs make their money is the physical, bump-and-run play. Tramon Williams is one of the best at this and it's why he struggled so much last year. He's not particularly great at zone.
-On the Randy Moss TD, we had an awful miscommunication where DJ Smith followed the crossing pattern and Morgan Burnett decided to not do anything.
-Everyone gave Alex Smith more credit than he deserved this game. The Packers defense played scared all game. It's easy to complete balls to wide open guys.
-Randall Cobb will be a weapon. He looked like an all-pro out there.
-CMIII looks healthy finally and now that we have some legit pass rushers, he was a wrecking ball. 2.5 sacks. Awesome.