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Thread: Things Got A Little Real Today

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    Things Got A Little Real Today

    Just found out that on the other forum I talk on that one of the regular posters that we all talked to on there passed away. He hadn't been on for a bit and we all had gotten a little worried. But we just assumed he had had some stuff come up in his life like we all do. He was only in his early 30's too. Just makes you realize how real stuff can be even on a message board sometimes. It's amazing how someone you have never actually met in person can affect your life. We all argue and yell and insult each other on that board more than we do here but no matter what you never want something bad to happen to someone. We are all a big dysfunctional family on there. Same way as we are on here. We don't always get along, and sometimes things get out of hands with the insults and the name calling but I would never wish ill will on anyone on here. It just makes you realize how things can happen much different than you expect them too and makes you want to live every day like it could be your last. Love those you love a little more, help others just a little more, and just be yourself.

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    Very humbling to ponder our mortality. We feel invincible, but it's so fragile. Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, Tubbs. My sincere condolences.
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    One of my hobbies is flying high power rockets, and as you can imagine, it's a very small, close knit, family style community. Over the years our community has lost several people I've come to know personally through this hobby, and it's never easy. Some were personal friends who helped me in one form or another while others were names on a message board I came to know over a period of time through our mutual interest. It's never easy when you realize someone you were used to seeing out at the functions or someone you talked to on a regular basis is suddenly gone forever, not to be heard from again. Realizing how fragile and short life truly is can definitely open some eyes and make you appreciate those closest to you.

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    Well said, Tubbs. I belong to a large motorcycle site and met a guy through it, did a trip. He died from lung/brain cancer two years ago. We went to Memphis to support him, then went back a few weeks later for his funeral. Very difficult for his wife and young daughters. Just a guy on the internet, right? But I often think of Joe, and the cross from his coffin sits in my home.


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