I've got a lot of notes about the game but this was what I figured I'd put up here; a few observations and then running commentary starting near the end of the Q3. Should have done it yesterday but it was pretty late when I finally summoned the ability to watch again.

Onward we go...

Yards after the catch. The Seahawks ate them mostly. That played a bigger part in the first half than the second but was significant overall. And that's three weeks running.

Does the 5 yard rule come back this week? How good are the the Seattle DBs if they're not hitting down field? My guess, still pretty good. Big challenge for them. Browner needs to keep his hands lower or the real refs are gonna turn him into a flag party.

The Bone is back, along with WRs in the backfield (it used to be Nelson a lot along with the usual complement of TE/RBs, now it's Cobb; I wish it were all the WRs). Someone called it the Cobra recently (when Cobb was in the backfield). Is there really a Cobra? No more likely than Bone. Do they make up the names ahead of time or on the spot when some crew asks what alignment X is really called? Still it's a great name for a backfield wedge concept (a wishbone gone haywire). I'm not yet seeing the motioning to it, but that'll come. It's a great shift and even better if WRs drop back there from time to time. Doing the bone, both the TE and RB flare out on pass patterns after running through the guard slots ... typical WCO but a new bit to the offense.

Aaron is too amped out there at times without the focus to control it. Even in the 3rd, AR was over throwing (Driver) and under throwing (Jennings). He'd usually shaken that out by 2Q last year.

Irvin is an insane athlete, he darned near blocked the second field goal. Not a damned thing Goode can do about it except maybe coming up as fast as he can, which might be worse.

Nice job by Saine, Jones and Hayward to corral Washington at the 16.

Blocking OOB is a foul (A.R. 9.74) but Bush started in bounds. Then Carroll went bonkers and the ref tossed a flag. Need to watch as we switch refs, I've seen Bush get hit multiple times without getting back in bounds, so long as the hit is launched in bounds it seems within the rules.

Wright beat Lang to the spot, should TJ have released earlier and gone faster for the LB? As Chucky said, it was good run D.

The Chancellor PI was a bad, maybe awful call.

The Jennings vs Browner thing was ugly.

Inside screens, again and again.

Greg slipped even though at first it appeared that he tripped over someone.

Jennings slips again diving toward the end zone and the spot is dubious. They marked it at his foot (mostly, kinda, plus 12 inches or so).

Aaron needed to commit on the run earlier, again an iffy spot. McCarthy challenges and wins.

Benson TD? Above view shows it.

Browner made a nifty play on the 2 point attempt, k-ball or no

Walden gets called on the McMillian int. Payback for the Chancellor call? McMillian might get called with real refs for contact too.

Walden got knocked off his feet to free the Wilson scramble.

Crappy call on okung? Inside arm bar kinda thing, but everyone does it and he released pretty quickly. Watch for that with the ref change.

Obomanu held ... who? NO replay at all that shows it.

Shields PI on Rice, 32 yards. If any PI happened, it was Rice. This was the play of the game and I swore in chat, not good.

Long zone? Nice protection. Was the D off the field so much the rotation started to suffer late in the game? Possible. Miller makes the catch, Hawk the tackle.

I don't think the Seattle option was a great call, Smith was right there. That's the standard D, DJ shuffled left about a whole yard and advanced slowly.

Lynch bangs his way to a first down, legs driving. Hawk took the wrong angle but the line play suckered him in. Raji recovered nicely but was he actually supposed to be so far up field that he wound up coming back to the run? Seahawks found a seam and a new set of downs.

3 TE bunch and the Pack run outta people. That's a new wrinkle for the Seahawks? but everyone is doing it now. Packers defend it pretty well, as they should. Miller again.

Walden holds the edge, Hawk assists

Hayward denies additional yards with a nice hand tackle.

Did Tate show up in the wrong place at the wrong time? Turnover on downs, Packer ball.

Holy nightmare scenario. Saturday saves day the day after Benson and Kuhn create a future follies play but it's a killer; hold onto the ball becomes the mantra and getting a first down is sacrificed. 2 more runs, and a punt. The O did not cover the D's backside at all.

Nice containment of Washington by Goode and Moses.

Wood coulda woulda... this week Woodson gets a flag? Or was that supposed to be payback for Shields? I've lost track of who deserves a call at this point. What a mess.

Rice runs a basic post between Woodson and Williams for 22. Packer fans really hate this deep zone thing.

Shields makes a play in the corner on a pass to Tate and is not flagged.

Wilson throws out of the end zone to no one.

If Tate had caught this the game is likely over.

Taint happens.