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Thread: Week 4 in the rear view mirror

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    Week 4 in the rear view mirror

    The Packers have the most penalties in the division. How'd that happen? 10 each against the 49ers and Seahawks games by my numbers and ESPN is also tracking offsetting penalties and those turned down (which adds 3 more). I have the Packers at 31, which was high enough.

    Chad Toporski has been doing interesting stat stuff for a couple of years (probably longer, I've been tracking it for a couple years) and had a very interesting and detailed study on the release times for both QBs in the Saints game.

    The Packers lost the yardage (-53) and turnover (-2) battle against the Saints and still prevailed. That's not going to work against the Texans.

    The CHTV folks are already talking about ROY honors, which is crazy enough but the conversation only covered Moses and McMillian. Moses and Daniels have had limited defensive snaps thus far although Moses is making the most of his ST game time. Perry and Worthy are both having their struggles. Worthy has just disappeared at times and fans are annoyed that Perry isn't Matthews 2.0. I'm with Zach on the Perry question.

    The Packers are averaging 3.83 Y/A rushing, but a big chunk of that reasonable looking number belongs to Randall Cobb. Benson is averaging 3.56. On the flip side, the team went 14 for 45 yards (and Ced was 9 for 18) against the 49ers. The trend has been generally upward since. The Colts are have not been particularly good against the rush but that may be misleading, as they've played both the Vikings and the Jaguars.

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    I too agree with Zach about Nick Perry. People forget Matthews wasn't Matthews until the last 6-8 games of his rookie season, though I think it's unrealistic to expect Perry to have the same production even by that point in the season. The big leap is made from year one to two, and then again from year two to three. A little patience is needed before we can truly judge how good, or bad, Nick Perry is.


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