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Thread: Officially a Laughing Stock

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    I've noticed that Holmgrem had a decent D, but missed on WRs while at SEA, he seems to have done about the same with CLE.
    With the exception of QB it's about the same for most positions(no specifics with my hazy memory). Weeden needs time and a WR corp cured of the 'dropsies'. For now their best chance to win is to play 'keep away', but I agree play calling has been unimaginative. So does Shurmur go by/around DEC or after the season? Maybe mgmt keeps him around and they'll have a better pick.
    Picking up WR Gordon was a good move for QB, maybe they should trade for Blackmon. I know, I know not likely, but when their was chemistry I think it can be rebuilt. Weeden and his current crop of WR don't seem to be on the same page and lack of chemistry is evident. You'd have thought OTA and such would have been enough, but it's not, not with this year's version. I just don't think Weeden has the supporting cast @WR that Luck has or even Tannehill (I'm not including RGIII due to O scheme).

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    First get a GM you think can beat 16 other GMs.

    Then go to step 2


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