Various rambling thoughts as the Packers prepare to play the Jaguars at Lambeau this week.

I'm glad that this weeks game is against the Jaguars, because on a week with serious competition I'd be nervous enough to chew my arm off. Injuries are part of the game but the source of my worries this week lie in the backfield. With Kuhn out, the entire RB rotation is Green, Starks and White (a recent street FA pickup who played for the Bills last year). I'm just not ready to see Johnny White protecting Rodgers in a game where the Jags are probably going to be throwing the kitchen sink at the Packers in order to get a win.

Will Rashad Jennings be able to run effectively this week? Raji will likely be back from another ankle roll but the numbers suggest the team is better off against the run with less of B.J. and Packer fans are once again debating swapping Raji and Pickett.

How many more special teams surprises are left in the bag at this point? Through seven weeks they've already rolled out three different bits of trickery. Speaking of which... while Cosby is having the yips on FGs longer than 50 yards, he really is terrific at onside kicks. It was also interesting that Slocum used a different approach this time around. Instead of a hands group he put out his hitters to knock the ball free. Bush and Lattimore did the job.

This will be the first time I've seen Justin Blackmon. From what I've read it sounds like he is still quite raw.

We'll likely see a bit more of Bush in the dime this week as they shift things around to cover for Woodson's absence even though House is back on the field. Will Richardson will see some time on the defense this week (thus far it has been all special teams)?

Any thoughts on Brad Jones as an ILB? My only observation thus far is that's he has played as expected. Better against the pass than Smith and worse against the run.