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Thread: Broncos vs Colts playoff game

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    Broncos vs Colts playoff game

    The idea of a Broncos vs. Colts playoff game is suddenly not so far-fetched. The AFC is horrible and 9 wins might secure a wild card. RThe Colts' remaining schedule is reasonably friendly and I can't imagine the Norvous Nellies will overtake the Broncos in the AFC Worst.

    If this somehow happens we will all need umbrellas. The ejaculate from network execs will blot out the sun.

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    Is there a bigger star in the NFL right now than Peyton Manning? The guy is drawing great ratings because he's the perfect mixture of a feel-good story, great performances, huge entertainment at the line with all his audibles, and a personable professional demeanor. Hell, who needs the Colts? I'm ejaculating already.


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