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Thread: The Bucs have an Offense!

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    The Bucs have an Offense!

    I was watching Sapp on the pre-game show Sunday, and even he had that happy but shocked expression at saying that the Bucs now have an offense. Words we thought we'd never hear!

    Thanks to the announcers for finally admitting that the Bucs were an undisciplined team the past few years, and that the guys are now buying into Schiano's ideas. It was like the elephant in the room all these years in that nobody wanted to say just how bad things were at One Buccaneer Place, except for a few local reporters who talked about how undisciplined the Bucs were in practice.

    Freeman definitely is getting his confidence back. Doug Martin put up some amazing numbers a week ago. As a Bama fan, I'm happy that we got Mark Barron. He is fun to watch. Ronde is awesome, as usual. Pass me a hankie when he retires.

    I believe that it's the December 9th game where they'll have all of the Buc's Super Bowl team there for a celebration. John Lynch will be announcing the game. Should be great!

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    Interesting schedule... the games against Atlanta become a big deal.

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    I'm really not surprised that this Bucs squad has turned the corner. Schiano's will to win has rubbed off on these guys and it shows. When you go hard against a team in the victory formation because you want to create any and all opportunities to win sends a strong message to players. He is the kind of coach I can ride with, and I can see why they are winning.
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