The Packers won 3rd down, lost on penalties and won on turnovers. Those were the McCarthy points of emphasis. I think they won because of defense and special teams (excluding field goals, mostly).

Rodgers had a crummy game, but he was good during clutch time. I want the non clutch mostly perfect Rodgers back. 2 turnovers (one they kept) is not good.

Fairley had a terrific game and made this Packer fan happy all the same. Dietrich-Smith suffered a lot of the Fairley inflicted abuse as did Newhouse. This is our line. EDS is going to get better and Rodgers mostly papered it over. I can't wait to hear the PFF grades.

J Jones catch rate took a hit (he'll likely get 2 drops, maybe 1), Nelson is now staring at his hands on the field (he was close in the Super Bowl) and Finley played a big part in the offense for the first time in a while. I loved seeing Finley play the Cobb role. Cobb was dynamic but made one very ill advised trip out of the end zone.

Starks was running into people and getting the corner from time to time. I know M3 loved this. No Alex Green this week in my live viewing. Did I miss something?

People are either furious at Crosby or golf and have lost it, thus feeling empathy. I'm neither, but realize they can't sacrifice the deep placement or onside kick ability. Still, his head is broken, I hope it gets fixed soon.

The D allowed two long, 10 play drives that led to two seemingly stoppable scores, but that's it. The D also owned 6 points, just like the first game in 2010, an ugly 28 - 26 affair at Lambeau where Woodson had the long pick 6, here it was MD Jennings. Raji left with ankle pain, again, coming off a bye week.

Tim Masthay rarely comes up with national media. He's average. Masthay might own the best inside the 12 percentage with Bush. When he drops it in the right place as he often does Bush is usually there to take care of it. It's also still kind of funny watching Bush walk down a short punt like a mother hen. That's a weapon the Packers use well against the Bears and today with the Lions.

A division win is always hard earned.