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Thread: NFL Ready QBs Struggling in Year 2?

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    NFL Ready QBs Struggling in Year 2?

    I fully intended for this to be a rant about starting "NFL Ready" quarterbacks too soon. After putting together some of the stats, it seems pretty clear that most of these guys are improving in their second years. Granted there are more stats that could be used, but I just pulled a few from ESPN that gave good measure of how the QB is playing. Cam is clearly having a worse second year, but everyone else for the most part seems to be improving.


    _______Compl %___TD/INT Ratio___QBR___QB Rating
    Andy Dalton

    Cam Newton

    Christian Ponder

    Jake Locker

    Blaine Gabbert
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    Keep in mind that because of the lockout last year, most of these guys were over-drafted. Ponder and Locker in particular went about 20-30 picks too high. They also pale in comparison to the top 2 QBs in this year's draft. I really liked Ponder coming out, but that's when I thought he'd be a 2nd round pick. After watching him play for a year, I like him a lot less. I think Locker has a shot at being the best of the lot in a couple of years. Gabbert has shown a few signs of life this year, but that team is just awful. Newton is showing signs of the leadership/personality problems that teams feared in the draft process.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy Freeland View Post
    Newton is showing signs of the leadership/personality problems that teams feared in the draft process.
    That's an interesting point. I thought teams were worried about a different kind of character issue. I hadn't realized they were worried about his ability to handle football-related stress.

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    We might be slicing different sides of the same melon. In whole, one would think that character is what defines how one handles success, failure, fame, stress, etc.

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    Have y'all watched the Panthers this year? This team would give anybody a bad attitude. I honestly think the effect of Cam's sullen and sometimes childish persona has been blown a bit out of proportion. Sure, he needs to grow up, but Cam's pouting isn't causing kickoff returns to the 11 yard-line and ill-timed unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. To be sure, Newton's got numerous flaws to work out--he holds the ball too long when the play is going nowhere, his accuracy hasn't improved, he's putting it up for grabs when he's under pressure...but dear God, he is under pressure all the time and it isn't nearly all his fault. The Panthers have injuries on the line and it shows. Frankly, they weren't that hot when they were healthier. The run blocking isn't appreciably better than the pass blocking. When they do manage to gain a nice chunk of yardage, we have the inevitable holding, offensive facemask or false start penalty.
    Sunday, the Panthers had 2 drives that started beyond the 30. This is what we in Charlotte call "outstanding field position." This offense is not going to have any consistent success starting at the 7, the 9, or the 20 every single series. They can't make it that far without screwing up (the Redskins, who gave them 2 drives of over 90 yards, should be truly embarrassed).

    It isn't Newton's "regression" that I find troublesome (once again, not denying that he has legitimate on-field issues) so much as the entire offense and special teams' regression. Cam Newton is not this team's biggest problem. The lack of disciplined play by all units is its biggest problem, and it's pretty clear that things are going to change--they've already fired the GM and the ST coach and I wouldn't want to put any money on the rest of the staff being around next season either.
    Remember when Ryan Kalil promised they would win the Superbowl? Hope is such a fleeting thing

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    Cam reminds me of Cutler. He appears petulant and childish at times but I wonder if that's just a lack of self-awareness rather than an actual fault.


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