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Thread: Where have all the Vick haters gone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curtis View Post
    I want to see what Foles bring to the table, but I know for a fact that this is not the situation to do so. Preseason means nothing, but he did show some ability. I had no illusions that Foles would turn this around. I still believe that Vick is the best option right now.
    But I can't take the pain anymore so I'm disconnecting from them this season.
    And to be fair, you did point out the real fault in all of this following the loss to the Saints.

    But while I live in Ravens country, I work with Eagles fans. And the general consensus was certainly a general disdain for the performance of Vick, and that Foles needed to get a shot, and that it couldn't be any worse than what Vick was producing.
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    Vick's problems are
    1/3 O-line sucking
    1/3 Game plan and PLaycalling
    1/3 Can't read and react to what the defense is showing

    All of this together equals failure. While Brady or MAnning could make the adjustments at the line...the line doesn't understand protections, and if they do understand...they can't block anyone. Brady or Manning would fail.

    Foles will fail behind this line. I'm certain he can read the Def better than Vick, but again, the oline sucks. Reid knows this. He has one of the best back in the NFL and gave him 15 carries. Then he put the entire game on the shoulders of a kid that just started getting reps with the starters. Timing is key with WRs. But in a live game with defenses flying through your saloon door oline, and behind in points...he has no chance.

    Foles problems are:
    1/3 Oline sucks
    1/3 Gameplan and playcalling
    1/3 1st start
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