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    No full write up this week, since my local CBS affiliate decided it was more important to show Pats fans the Browns/Cowboys OT than the first quarter of a Pats game. Dunno why. It makes no sense to me. But, by the time I actually got to see the game, it was 14-7 Colts, and just about the second quarter, and there was no sense in game charting then.


    Talib is already worth the 4. His interception return was astounding.

    Dancer had a great day. Kick return TD, reception TD, and tackled at the 3 on an end around that started at the 50. Almost a trifecta.

    The Gronk injury noise is silly. He was hurt on a fluke thing on the XP team, which happens to be the safest play in football. None of the media types whining about him being out there mention he didn't play on the actual drive at all.

    Rant: How come when the Pats win big it's 'running up the score' and when other teams do it, it's not? If you remove the three return TDs: Edleman's punt return and the TAINTs by Talib and Dennard, it's a 38-24 game. That's not running up the score. When the Ravens ran that fake punt on the Raiders, last week - and I approve of that play, I'm not criticizing the call at all - they were not accused of running up the score. They were criticized for wasting a good trick play, but not for running up the score. Be consistent, Media, yell at everyone who wins big or no one. I vote for no one.

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    Amy, I didn't get to see the first quarter either. I really don't understand these 'contractual obligations' that sometimes don't seem to materialize. The Browns OT coverage was fun to watch, but not at the expense of 21 pts. already scored. Goofy!

    Agreed about the Gronk whining. It just is what it is. At what point is a HC supposed to yank his starters in a blowout? It's not like we suit up 106 players every week. Hopefully Gronk only misses a month or so. I think we can still take the division w/o him, and frankly, I'd rather have him in Jan. Ideally, in Feb.!

    Good to see a more balanced outing from D and special teams. Edelman had a great day. Also, nice to hear some unfamiliar names stepping up (Dennard) and the Talib acquisition is looking pretty darn good, too.

    Turkey Day against the Jesters ... don't like the short week and no Gronk, but the opponents face the same short week and loss of playmakers. We'll win, but not gonna be a blowout like yesterday.


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