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Thread: Tony Romo or Colin Kaepernick?

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    Tony Romo or Colin Kaepernick?

    Rumor is that CK will be getting the start this week at New Orleans. Source:

    With that in mind, I have a dilemma for this week in fantasy. On a total hunch, I picked up CK late last week on the off-chance that Alex Smith would be out for a while or that CK is just that good. I worry I'm overreacting, but he looked good against a usually strong Bears defense, and New Orleans defensive struggles have been well documented. On the other hand, Romo is playing against a pretty bad defense in Washington. He's been horribly inconsistent, but I like the matchup and think points are going to be scored in that game. Thoughts?

    For what it's worth, I also have Ryan Fitzpatrick in case something happens to this report after Romo plays but before Sunday. He's been pretty mediocre, but he also has a good matchup against Indy in the worst case scenario.

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    Kaepernick is such a wild card. In the latest commish report which hasn't yet hit the front page, I mention how it's more important now to prevent mistakes. If you had Rivers or Palmer, absolutely. But Romo is at home, with no running game, better weapons, and is facing an equally bad pass defense. Kaepernick's upside isn't all that much greater than Romos expectation. No need to be a hero here.
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    Kaepernick had an electric game against the Bears but I wouldn't start him in fantasy. He still plays in Harbaugh's offense which is not friendly to QB stats. His absolute maximum will be 30 attempts.


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