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Thread: Antonio Brown or Golden Tate?

  1. Antonio Brown or Golden Tate?

    So I've made my fantasy playoffs for the second year in a row and was the only player in the league to do it. But I was the wildcard and have a tough match-up against the #1 seed.

    With Jordy Nelson probably out again, I'm torn between Golden Tate and Antonio Brown for my WR position. I started Tate last week and he did nothing...but that had a lot to do with their defense (which I also had!!!) dominating Arizona. The Steelers offense has sputtered, but Brown can still be a threat against Dallas...especially with Roethlisberger closer to 100% and Mike Wallace struggling. But Buffalo's pass D blows and Tate could have a big game. Any opinions are appreciated.

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    FWIW, I wouldn't be surprised if Seattle suffers a letdown on Sunday. Coming off of a big divisional win, traveling cross country, feeling good about themselves... could lead to trouble. Then again, Buffalo.

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    Brown. When he and Roethlisberger are healthy, he's much more consistent than Tate, and a borderline top 20-25 WR option. Tate is nothing more than a low end number 4. If he doesn't score a TD, he's essentially worthless, whereas Brown can easily help with a 5-6 catch, 70-80 yard day.
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  4. Went with Brown and he scored 5 more points than Tate. Didn't really matter though cause I blew out my opponent. Onto my first ever fantasy championship game. Wish me luck.


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