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Thread: Packers at Bears

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    Packers at Bears

    Game Day

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    Mild temperatures and reasonable winds are forecast thus far; hopefully it stays that way (seeing a punt make a left turn is funny, a few times; I'm over it).

    The first go 'round in Green Bay didn't have much offense happening at all. Here's the first half:

             Start  Began  Plays  Yards    Result
      GB  1Q 14:56  GB 17      3      9      Punt
     CHI  1Q 13:37 CHI 18      3     -1      Punt
      GB  1Q 11:26  GB 29      6     22      Punt
     CHI  1Q 07:57 CHI 17      3      1      Punt
      GB  1Q 06:31  GB 34      5      9      Punt
     CHI  1Q 04:32 CHI 44      3     -5      Punt
      GB  1Q 02:35  GB 21     10     50        FG
     CHI  2Q 12:50 CHI 37      8     10      Punt
      GB  2Q 07:54  GB 20     12     80        TD
     CHI  2Q 01:50 CHI 20      4     17       Int
      GB  2Q 01:07 CHI 48      6     31   Half/FG
    Two long Green Bay drives led to a field goal (back when Packer fans felt good about them) and the 4th and 26 Masthay shovel pass to Crabtree. The interception by Williams led to the final score of the half, another field goal as time expired. If you want my game chart, let me know.

    Unfortunately, my favorite Bear (I certainly can't say that on Packer forums) isn't going to play. Brian Urlacher (he plays the middle like he's still a hybrid LB/Safety in college) won't play and may be done in Chicago. Urlacher and Greg Jennings did a great intro to the conference championship game a couple years ago. If you enjoy the history of the Bears/Packers rivalry, this is pretty neat.

    Paea, Melton and McClellin are all battling injury issues. Peppers is worn down a bit and all the missing pieces around him haven't made it any easier but he'll be ready for this game. Tim Jennings is also banged up and may not make it.

    Hester isn't getting all the kickoffs any longer. I'm not sure what to make of that, it might be part of the ongoing to effort to make Hester a WR. Speaking of special teams, Gould was placed on IR this week and replaced by Olindo Mare.

    While on the topic of special teams, Masthay has 13 punts inside the 10, only 5 touchbacks and 104 return yards counted against him this year. I can think of years past where 104 yards in a game was 'better than last week'.

    Wilson and Nelson are very unlikely to play and Woodson is out.

    Michael Bush has bad ribs and is iffy for Sunday.

    Marshall vs Williams and Jeffery vs Shields was going to be interesting even before Marshall brought his sad little christmas tree to a press conference on Wednesday and started whining. It's unlikely that Marshall will not see a lot of help for Williams over the top. Such is life.

    Then Jermichael Finley had to try to be nice and managed to say something dumb. Finley should print up business cards with the slogan 'No Comment' and hand them out when asked questions.

    It's Bear week, always a fun week for Packer fans. Enjoy the game!

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    Jay Cutler reportedly has a torn MCL, but is still expected to play.

    You can only disregard the offensive line for so long...
    If you ask me how I want to be remembered, it is as a winner. You know what a winner is? A winner is somebody who has given his best effort, who has tried the hardest they possibly can, who has utilized every ounce of energy and strength within them to accomplish something. It doesn't mean that they accomplished it or failed, it means that they've given it their best. That's a winner.”
    ― Walter Payton

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    I think Cutler is an idiot. I was one of the ones defending him for leaving the NFCCG and I'd defend him if he sat this week. It's your knees dude.
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    It was a typical Bears game. Five punts in a row (versus 6 last time around) to start things off.

    The Bears had a total of 218 yards and were 0 for 9 on third down and 0 for 1 on fourth.

    Special teams were somewhat of a disaster across the board, although Masthay has a wonderful punt at the end of the game to pin the Bears deep.

    Randall Cobb was awarded with another fumble on ST, here's the official description:

    Podlesh punts 47 yards to GB 23. Cobb to GB 20 for -3 yards. FUMBLE, RECOVERED by CHI Walters at GB 16 (0 yard return). #18 Cobb attempted a backwards pass to #10 Ross. Ross did not complete the reception and thus the fumble is charged to Cobb.
    Jarrett Bush and Robert Francois now lead the Packers in special teams tackles with 10 each (Bush has 3 assists, Francois has 1).

    Rodgers had a very effective game although he started and finished somewhat slow. His ANY/A of 8.7 was close to what we got used to last year.

    The Packers doubled up again. They deferred in the first half, scored just before halftime and then again on the opening drive in the second half. That was the major difference in the game.

    James Jones leads the team in touchdowns with 12 (and is tied for the league lead). He stands second at this point with 622 yards on 81 targets.

    Jerel Worthy is being outplayed by Mike Daniels. It shouldn't work that way, but it is. Even without the fumble return against the Lions I think Daniels would be well on his way to becoming one of my personal favorites.

    It's a win and the Packers are now at 10, so I guess they can finally talk about the playoffs. And so they can, Aaron Rodgers did today while also mentioning that he played a poor first quarter.

    Next up, Titans at Lambeau.

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    Arrrrgggghhhh. That game was annoying. It highlighted all the things I (Bears fans) have been complaining about.

    Tice's inability to understand what play progression is. Play-calling that doesn't work inside the 5 in the modern NFL (no mis-direction, straight runs with a bad GL back -Forte). One bad Cutler pick- looked like Cutler's fault live, but comments later on his radio show sounded like Cutler was taking a bullet for Hester. Five key penalties that went the Packers way (Conte PI in EZ, Mystery Roughing the Passer on a 3rd down that cost Bears two minutes in the 4th QTR, No push-off on 1st Jones touchdown, 2 of 3 OPI's on Jeffrey-the one on 4th down was absolutely OPI). One non-call PI on Shields on 4th down. Lovie not going for first down on 4th & 6 on opponent 36 in first quarter but going for it on a 4th & 9 late. The reason he had to go for 4th & 9 late was because they did not have an extra timeout because of another one burned in the RZ when communication issues happened between Cutler and Tice. I swear the last thing has happened no less than five times this season. No significant half time adjustments- a Lovie staple and not how the best coaches do it.

    Example of bad play progression. Bears recover the dumb punt lateral call. Bears run four wide and throw in end zone for Marshall, hoping for a play. Didn't work, but call is fine. I nudge my dad to tell him that this is the down to run a delay or a draw if they are going to do it. Well, instead of running out of the same formation, Evan Rodriguez- a pass catching H-back being used as a blocker all year instead of Marcel Reece role and Matt Speath come in. The Packers have to know that if the play is a pass, the play is 9 on 11. The formation screams toss play. Sure enough, toss play for no gain. I should have tried to Jedi-tell Tice that what I meant was to run out of the SAME formation, not tip the hand.

    Of course, the bad play led to a 3rd & 10, a down that the Bears may not convert on against Bucs, and then a field goal.

    Okay, feel a bit better now.
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    Forgot one thing, but it is so obvious and normal, I'm just used to it now. There was 3 killer penalties on the offensive line.

    Looking up stuff for the Lions article, I saw that the Bears are tied for 7th in penalties with 97. They are tied with the Lions. I wonder if the Bears LEAD the league in offensive penalties?

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    Finally, despite writing here and reading about football every day, I have a rule about modern sports:

    The fans should never be right. The reasoning is simple. Writers, fans, bloggers, former players and other pronosticators are not in the locker room. They should not have much of a clue.

    This season, the majority of opinions about the Bears have been right. And, that's wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Gapinski View Post
    One bad Cutler pick- looked like Cutler's fault live, but comments later on his radio show sounded like Cutler was taking a bullet for Hester.
    I've watched the play several times and can't for the life of me figure out what Hester was supposed to do there. Casey had leverage and unless the plan was to have Hester tackle Hayward, jump up and catch the pass I'm not buying it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Gapinski View Post
    Penalties, penalties, penalties!
    Yeah, I've read both sides complaining about the same thing. I think the Packers got the better side of the deal this time around, which was especially shocking given that it involved Sam Shields who typically gets flagged for being in the same zip code as the receiver. Sam lost one he should have gotten and won one he shouldn't. Color me stunned.

    Any idea how many OL penalties the Bears have this season? I can generate a count on the Packer side but I know going in they have a whole lot more than I'm comfortable with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by edave View Post
    I can generate a count on the Packer side but I know going in they have a whole lot more than I'm comfortable with.
    The Packers have 31 OL penalties. Blech.

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    Quote Originally Posted by edave View Post
    The Packers have 31 OL penalties. Blech.
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