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Thread: Coaching carousel 2012

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    Coaching carousel 2012

    Might as well start a thread, 'tis the season for cannery row to swing into action.

    I like this quote from Ron Jaworski, on the prospect of Nick Saban coming to Philadelphia.

    I'm not a Saban guy, because I don't like liars, and I think he lied. I think he lied to the Miami Dolphins and he lied to the fans of Miami, and he left. And it's pretty simple. I think integrity is very important. If you don't have integrity, I don't know how you can be successful.

    Yeah, I know he's great at Alabama and he'll probably win another national championship, but I just don't like people that don't have integrity. So it's pretty easy for me to say I don't want Nick Saban in town.

    Go ask some players on that team. Go ask some coaches on that team. They'll tell ya. The Bobby Petrino's of the world. I have a hard time backing those kinds of guys when they lie. If you don't have integrity man, I don't want to be around you.
    Saban and Petrino in the same sentence? Powerful.

    Jaworski is a pretty big deal in Eagles history. Having a guy like him speak out so strongly against a particular coach kinda tilts the playing field, no matter how the owner and team president feel.

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    Wow the thought of a tool to the highest degree like Saban and Philadelphia fans; that would be one hell of a spectator sport.
    Talk about get your popcorn ready.
    I know there have been rumblings about Saban in Cleveland, I just don't see how NFL players would put up with his arrogance though.

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    Unfortunately, nothing the NFL does shocks me any more. Philly hired a dogkiller. Why wouldn't they hire a liar if they thought he'd bring them success? Whatever the market will bear ....

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    But the point about Saban lying and walking out on teams hits hard. You bring in a guy to rebuild your team, you don't want to worry about him walking out after a year or two.
    “I’ve always been a big fan of Norv Turner. I think he gets it. I think he does an outstanding job.” — Pat Shurmur


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