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Thread: Titans at Packers

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    Titans at Packers

    Game Day

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    The Titans season thus far:

    2012-09-09    Patriots  13 34   L
    2012-09-16   @Chargers  10 38   L
    2012-09-23       Lions  44 41   W
    2012-09-30     @Texans  14 38   L
    2012-10-07    @Vikings   7 30   L
    2012-10-11    Steelers  26 23   W
    2012-10-21      @Bills  35 34   W
    2012-10-28       Colts  13 19   L
    2012-11-04       Bears  20 51   L
    2012-11-11   @Dolphins  37  3   W
    2012-11-25    @Jaguars  19 24   L
    2012-12-02      Texans  10 24   L
    2012-12-09      @Colts  23 27   L
    2012-12-17        Jets  14 10   W
    2012-12-23    @Packers  10-4
    2012-12-30     Jaguars  2-12
    Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf will have the call for CBS in a regional broadcast. Looking at the map on, not a whole lot of the country is going to see the game live.

    The Titans have 4 offensive linemen on IR, and lost another last week when center Kevin Matthews was injured against the Jets. Incidentally, Kevin is Clay's cousin (Bruce Matthews son, Bruce is also the Titans OL coach). I was hoping to see them play against each other this week but various reports have Kevin out for the rest of the season.

    CJ2K is back to being Chris Johnson, but as he proved last week, if you allow him to get around the corner bad things can happen. Despite the line issues, Johnson has 1159 yards and a 4.8 average. Johnson is faster than AD but not nearly the hitter at the second level. Former Packer Quinn Johnson is still with the Titans but doesn't seem to see much action.

    Locker may not be an ideal QB for many but he does run well, a threat that must be respected. Baring injury, former Packer Hasselbeck won't be seen (or heard, no OT please). Kendall Wright has had a pretty nice season but injured his ribs against the Jets making this the Kenny Britt show.

    Lang has apparently passed through the concussion protocol and will start at LG. Saturday will be ready (he has some kind of neck/shoulder issue) but Dietrich-Smith gets the start at center for the first time this year. Van Roten didn't practice again... so I guess they're going to be very thin on the OL this week. Crabtree has some kind of hamstring problem and is out this week. Green didn't practice on Friday and I'm guessing won't be cleared for Sundy. Nelson isn't ready to go yet, out again.

    Woodson and Wilson are out again. Worthy is shaky but otherwise the defense is whole. Moses starts while Walden is limited with an ankle injury.

    Jarius Wynn, a final cutdown casualty this season has played enough over the last month to show up regularly on the Titans stat sheet.

    The Packers have been pretty terrible against the spread this year and being a 14 point favorite in this game won't help. I expect a slightly closer game, continuing the trend of the season.

    Enjoy the game!

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    Jordy is also ruled out.

    I'm interested to see how EDS performs. Saturday seems to think his benching was due, in large part, to performance, and Rodgers gave a pretty good endorsement of EDS not too long ago. If he's a draw in the passing game, but a bit better in the run game, that will bode well for our offense.

    I do find the timing of the switch curious. With two games to go, we're still fighting for a top seed and first round bye. I wonder if this is an audition, or is it something to give Saturday some time to rest up before the playoffs?

    Also curious when we'll have Wilson back. Kinda need his run-stopping ability.

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    Not much to review from this game. The home team got all the breaks, made some smart heads up plays and by the third quarter, the Titans had all but evacuated the premises.

    It sounds like Cobb's ankle is going to be OK, that was the only reported injury thus far. The OL managed the influenza outbreak. It had seemed that Cobb would be OK but he's got ankle and knee problems.

    Here's one item worth mentioning. Jeremy Ross was able to make amends for his part in the goofiest special teams play of 2012 (the failed lateral that became a fumble and turnover) with a terrific 58 yard return back to the Titans 7 after Randall left the game.

    Burnett and Hawk are the leading tacklers. Hayward leads the ball hawks with 20 passes defensed and 6 interceptions. Matthews leads in all areas associated with the other side of the line of scrimmage. More defensive stats here:

    Check the left box on page 5.


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