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Thread: Is it too early to discuss Free Agent Signing Of The Year?

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    Is it too early to discuss Free Agent Signing Of The Year?

    Clearly, Denver made that one, locking up Jim Leonhard just before the start of the regular season. Look at the teams who explicitly passed on him - Jets and Bills. Where might they be now?

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    I'm thinking that Denver's best free agent signing wasn't Jim Leonhard. And that this other gentleman, who may be the MVP, is the best free agent signing of the season.

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    Scott makes a compelling argument, but future generations of football fans will look at the Broncos upgrade under Centre from last season to this and respectfully disagree with his analysis.

    From Tebow to Manning - not a bad upgrade.

    I'll also nominate Mario "Haynesworth" Williams whose leadership and clutch play has helped the Bills defense improve from 26th in the league to 24th. What $100 million can't buy these days!
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