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Thread: Your Most Exciting Sports Moments of 2012?

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    Your Most Exciting Sports Moments of 2012?

    The year's winding down. Time to make lists.

    List your most exciting sports moments of the year.

    Mine are easy. They're all soccer.

    #4 Chelsea 1-0 Barcelona
    #3 Barcelona 2-2 Chelsea
    #2 Bayern Munich 1-1 (3-4) Chelsea to win the Champions League
    #1 USA Women 4-3 Canada Women in the Olympics semifinals.

    Yes, a women's soccer match is my #1 sports moment of the year. That match is one of the most exciting and most emotional I've ever seen. It's an all-time classic. NBC still replays it from time to time. I have it on my DVR.

    The call when Alex Morgan heads in the winner with seconds left before penalty kicks is one I'll never forget. Arlo White's voice cracks in disbelief. Worth a listen.

    Here are all the goals. The winner is at 4:07

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    That women's soccer game was an epic.

    Also an epic rip-off, but that was a discussion for last summer. No question it belongs near the top.

    Off the top of my head, I'll throw the 49ers-Saints playoff game up there, as well as the Chelsea-Barcelona 2-2 epic. Steelers-Broncos playoff game was also memorable. Marquez-Pacquiao and Rios-Alvarado were phenomenal fights. Spurs beating Man United a few weeks ago almost had me in tears.
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    There were some awesome moments from sports in 2012. In no particular order:

    Miggy winning the triple crown.
    The little girl who dominated the boys football league.
    Johnny Manziel beats Bama
    Mario Manningham's Super Bowl catch.
    Kentucky cuts down the nets.
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