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Thread: Knee Pain

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    Knee Pain

    Let me pre face with the fact that I'm calling a knee doc when I get off work and getting it checked out. I just wante your opinion on what could cause it.

    Lets start with a lil background history on my left knee. It been hurting me for a couple years now, but it wasn't an all the time thing then. I've played sports since I was about 5, so there is a good bit of wear on my knees. I have flat feet, but I went to a foot doctor and got custom made insoles for myself. Last time I talked to a knee doc they said wear my insoles for about a month and then if it still hurts call them again.

    I get sharp pains right under my knee cap on my left knee usually coupled with a pain on the back of my knee that goes from the center of my knee to the ligament on the inside part of my knee. Sometimes they are separate but usually together. It happens when I'm standing, walking and even while in sitting down doing nothing. It's pretty painful. Even when the pain isn't there, there is always discomfort in my knee. It never feels comfortable. It doesn't really feel unstable but every now and then it gives out on me.

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    No clue. My only advice is don't ask Shanahan.

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    But are you injured or are you hurt?

    See a doctor. The knee provides a plethera of different possibilities for injury.

    I have periodic pain in mine from sports injuries. I broke the growth plate in my left knee and later tore away my cartilage from the knee. It's still floating around in there. Some days are good, some days are not. If you end of with something serious, you'll end up hating the words "box jumps."

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    I believe you've asked this question before. The answer is the same. See an orthopedic specialist, your family doctor can refer you to one. Pain in the knee means there is some sort of damage. Dr.Scholl's may alleviate some pain but isn't going to repair damage.

    I made a decent living putting my body through hell. Eventually, I would have to pay the toll and I did. A few years ago I did my usual workout which includes squats of 500+ pounds. The following morning, I had a pain in my ass...literally. There was a pain in my right buttock that felt like a bruise. I treated it as such and ignored it. The next day it felt like someone shot a molten bullet in my cheek. Through my experience and education about the body I quickly knew it could be something other than tissue damage. I went to the doctor and was examined and there was nothing wrong locally. More tests concluded that I had a herniated disc that was pressing a nerve in my spine that was wired to my ass. More pressure, more pain. I ended up with minor back surgery to repair the problem.

    When you get pain that you can't explain, see your doctor.
    You ask me why I lift, I wonder why you don't.


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