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    A couple of points that occurred to me.

    First, if you look at QB concussions, do MUCH less of them occur in the last 1/3 of the season that random distribution would suggest?

    Second Mortensen is reporting that the story of Schaub getting hit, going to the sideline and then going back into the game after passing a concussion test is bogus. He is reporting that the NFL approved Concussion sideline protocol test requires about 8 minutes to administer. Schaub went back in after 1 play, no commercial.

    Mortensen reports that the NFL will have an independent Neuro on the sidelines starting next year. NFLPA was pushing this and NFL was fighting it, but caved. WHY they were fighting it remains an interesting question.

    Also, it seems Cris' suspicion of Team Doctors is felt by many players.
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