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Thread: Proposed NFL Honors Awards

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    Proposed NFL Honors Awards

    I've long been a critic of the MVP award. How it goes to QB/RB most of the time.

    I propose the following...

    MV-OL (or could split it into MV-OT, and MV-OG/C)
    MV-DL (or could split it into MV-DT, and MV-DE)
    MV-LB (or could split it into MV-ILB, and MV-OLB)
    MV-DB (or could split into MV-CB, and MV-S)


    GM of the Year (Al Davis Award)

    To go along with the existing awards of...

    Coach of the Year
    Comeback Player of the Year
    Offensive Rookie of the Year
    Defensive Rookie of the Year
    Coach of the Year
    Walter Payton Man of the Year


    The position-by-position MVP awards then are all treated equally. Celebrating all positions. Could make a whole Awards Ceremony Night of it too, like the NFL Draft, for added NFL Network viewing.

    And....retroactively award them too. So as it's a model moving forward with a history.


    Keen to hear your thoughts/criticisms...
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    We already have this list. It's called the ap first team. Sorry to burst your bubble. Same guys vote on those positions as the awards given tonight, so nothing changes.

    Sorry, but calling the proposed gm award the "Al Davis" award is a compete joke. While I'll agree al was once a visionary, and was a key cog to the NFL/AFL merger, he's been a joke since the 90's. His assinine decisions, especially the last decade, have precluded any mention of his name as a even bad gm. The last decade he was a festering turd. His ridiculous proclivities drove him to draft bad players, that led to the bad team the raiders have fielded for the last decade. Among that are many horrifically bad early draft picks.

    I can respect what al did during the fledgling years of the merger and the time after. The utter failure he forced on his team as a direct result of his ridiculous draft picks? That's not even a point you can begin to defend. He didn't adjust with the times, and while he may have been a sublime gm decades ago, he hasn't been for a very, very long time.

    No offense, but al was the WORST gm in the league the last decade. Jerry Jones was second.. at least Jones had the talent, just not the coaching. Davis had garbage coaches and bad talent.

    No way in hell you name a gm award after Davis. He utterly SUCKED at picking coaches and players. IMHO its blasphemous to even intimate such an honor being bestowed upon him.. do you need me to pull the overhead projector out of storage to further illustrate it??
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    Let us know what you really think there lol.

    As for the mvp idea....then make the AP First Team THE award.
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    AP First Team All-Pro is a huge honor already.
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