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Thread: NFL starts concussion training

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    NFL starts concussion training

    The League has long scolded players for hitting with the helmet. The cry is that today's players have to learn how to hit in a safe manner.

    Now the NFL has stepped up to the plate with new technology. In the helmet of each Offensive Skill player will have rfid sensors and an accelerometer and wifi. Defensive players will also have rfid sensors/wifi in their helmet. All helmets will be monitored by a central system on the sidelines. If an offensive player registers a high acceleration in his helmet, and the rfids in the defensive players helmet show the two helmets were in proximity, then the server will activate a device worn by all defensive players around the neck. The device will generate a non-lethal electric shock to the proximate defensive player to build muscle memory to not make H2H hits in the defender, as well as making the referree's job easier in calling H2H penalties.

    Good job, Roger.
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