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Thread: Jaguars Uniform Ideas

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    Jaguars Uniform Ideas

    Would love to see the Jaguars incorporate the Bengals-like helmet concept and adopt a predominantly dark gold jersey.

    The reason for the helmet :

    There are many teams who have a logo-type helmet.
    There are many teams who have a horns-type helmet (vikings, eagles, rams)
    So there would be nothing 'wrong' with the Jaguars sharing the pattern-type helmet (bengals).

    Here's a sample provided by someone else of my Jaguars idea...

    And here's me messing about. Don't have a jersey design truly in mind to make the helmet and jersey-pants-socks blend thematically.

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    You are a rebel.

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    It just seems too...busy...for the NFL. Do that at a college/HS/AFL game. Looks like Lisa Frank pencil designs.
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    Lol. I know it's a hard concept to pull off without looking cheesy (that particular animal print placed everywhere on the uniform).
    But my main objective is to create an overall look that stands apart from other teams on the field.
    These days so many teams are looking more alike, all trying to be more 'intimidating' by going black, having black pants, or monochromatic pants/jersey, or making their blue darker blue, etc.
    There's nothing wrong with teal, tho it does get a lot of hate around the world.
    Original Jags uniform wasn't the best, but it was very nice...especially the white pants with that striping pattern.
    Just me endeavoring to create a new look with DARK gold, white pants not black (too much like ravens), and you can still make them look intimidating with how you use black and teal (like ive done with the sleeves).
    I also think a dark gold helmet with that particular black animal print can look awesome if done/presented right.
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    I definitely agree that black pants/black shirts looks bad. Pajamas.

    I don't think teal and gold work together, though.

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    black/gold as a combination looks good.
    adding a color to that as a trim can look good. teal as a trim works with black/gold.
    it's all about choosing the right percentage mix.
    the original jags pants, the striping, that works really well.....predominant white pants (75%), big thick black strip (15%), then gold and teal (5% each), and the placement of it --- gold inside on the black, teal outside on the white.

    so with the's either gold or teal as the predominant if we want them to stand apart. either gold or teal would look nice IF you put big black bits on it....the numbers, the collar, the sleeves as one big block (like the seahawks previous away jersey), the side bit. Then you add a little teal trim.

    while my 'real' picture isn't the best design, the amount and placement of black can make the rest punch...whether that's a gold or teal jersey.
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    Ive posted this on another site where i mod a couple boards, that thread here:

    Someone else has contributed to my design request...

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    Couple more tweaks from that designer...

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    Definitely better with the teal accents on the 2nd design.

    The leopard spot pattern should attract the Paris Hilton/Kim Kardashian demographic.


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