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Thread: AFL season about to begin, Pick'em site w/Straight up, Pt Spread, Score Differential

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    AFL season about to begin, Pick'em site w/Straight up, Pt Spread, Score Differential

    If you wish to join there's a new site

    This site is fresh and clean, and something like this would come in handy for the NFL UPSET pick'ems that users find entertaining (or at least I do).

    The web site creator can be reached via
    There's a send message button on the right hand side.

    Anyway, thought this might be something for this web site webmaster to look into or maybe the UPSET pick'em curator to evolve into (maybe? maybe not?).

    The AFL has a broadcast deal with CBS Networks and this weeks televised game is Philadelphia Soul (Ron Jaworski's team) @Arizona Rattlers (the reigning AFL champ).

    It should be a high scoring game. No punting, 4 downs, if a kick goes off the net/post and is recovered by the kicking team, they can score ( the team receiving the kick can return it for a TD as well ). There's also different rules for the MLB and JLB (jack LB). MLB must rush QB, JLB can't rush QB.

    So if you're going into live football withdrawal, this may soothe you until the NFL regular season begins...
    it's not just black and white, there's some grey areas to go over ...

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    What the hell is a "jack" linebacker??

    Mike, Sam, will, Mack or buck.. jack??? Huh??
    "If I could start my life all over again, I would be a professional football player, and you damn well better believe I would be a Pittsburgh Steeler." Jack Lambert, 1990 HoF Introduction.

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    I signed up and will record an AFL game today so I guess that makes me a little football starved.

    I was looking forward to watching the Packers @ Cardinals this morning but then the NFL Network decided to switch to the tuck rule game. Bah!

    As for Upset Special and building a site for it, I should start a thread to discuss the issues sometime soon. I did most of the work before realizing that there are some significant drawbacks in terms of where traffic is directed and how conversations are handled.

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    lol, not quite like the NFL, but still it's 8-man ball. The Jack LB roams side line to side line, often he'll take the WR in the slot and try to redirect him. It's the WR in the slot that is normally in motion prior to and during the snap of the ball. Usually the middle safety/DB will take him, but some teams use their JLB differently than others (or gives him more to do as best I can tell). The JLB can't blitz QB, thus depending on the team you'll see varied sizes for JLB anywhere from a 5'10" 190lb (a DB masquerading as LB) to a 6'3 255lb who wants to lay wood all the time.
    Some teams will switch out their lightweight JLB for a bigger guy near the endzone or you'll see an Ironman like San Jose WR/JLB Huey Whittaker who stays in for the whole game even on special team kickoffs/returns. The JLB yeah he's underappreciated, but the more you watch the more you'll see the differences between coaches. I wanted to say nuances, but for some coaches it's just differences in usage of players or guys they could talk into playing for their team. These guys really do play for the love of the game, sure the young ones are still aspiring for the NFL, but you can see that some guys just like to play. And the fans, I feel more kinship toward them as I dress like them, lol, and I can't afford the NFL prices.
    it's not just black and white, there's some grey areas to go over ...

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