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Thread: Next Gen FP

  1. Did anyone else have trouble with the chatterbox kicking them out (Sunday and Monday for me) during recent gameday chats?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Gapinski View Post
    Some good suggestions so far. Please be aware that suggestions are all we can give in the middle of the season. Biggie, Kaba and I do not have web site expertise nor do we have any of CC's money to throw into the site or have the power to hire someone. We are, as the monikers say, "writers." The best and easiest I have seen is to clean up the side which names people who obviously don't contribute if someone spends more than 5 minutes here. Parsing down the forum sections that have seen little action would be good. We should keep the team forums for those who want to use them and for the idea that the site gets another push at some point. Other than that, we basically need the College Football, Off Topic and .... um, I am not sure what else.

    I think the front page and forums do need some balance, but the current move to have a lot of content on the front page has worked in the way that a front page of any site hoping to draw people does need front page activity. Biggie's return has helped in that I wrote plenty last year but did a poor job on continuing conversations in the forum. He has always been good at moving things along. However, a balance will be needed in that I have to admit that you see less writing from me in long form this season because many subjects are already being covered within the ongoing threads on the front page. Since I have a day job that never really stops and takes 55-60 hours out of my time from football writing, a conversation is often going on about something I could have written about. I am curious in what the balance should be, but I feel it can be obtained. Of course, if you hated my writing, this season is awesome for you.

    It nice to see some passion around in that many of us enjoy it enough to continue to come up with ideas to make it work. It certainly has been nice to see some old names and to see some new ones, too.
    I have some experience with vBulletin and am happy to volunteer my assistance in cleaning up any sections deemed unnecessary, if it helps ease the burden in that regard.


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