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Thread: Eifert vs Vaccaro?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Gapinski View Post
    Because when you can take a 24 year old project guard in the first round with a dynamic tight end and a good linebacker who fills a need are available, you have to do it.
    At least you didn't take a project center, ignoring your needs, and then follow it up with a project te who's not as good as the one you already have. {Great choice} to select Escobar when your current te is coming off a 110 rec, 1039yd year.

    You guys puked in the first, but you rallied with bostic. The cowboys just kept puking, then took a wr??? Huh???

    The boys didn't struggle to throw the ball. They struggled stopping it and protecting the qb. Yet 2 of 3 picks do what they already did well... And everyone is struggling to understand the one pick that addresses their protection problems.

    Jerry Jones as gm at his {finest}. Is he now the new crazy al? Is he the new crypt keeper? Does he have an overhead projector???

    IMO all of these picks were waaayyy off..
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