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Thread: Would you draft Denard Robinson

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    Would you draft Denard Robinson

    Even before the elbow injury, Robinson was never going to play QB in the NFL. Reviews on him at WR haven't been good, he just doesn't catch very well (which is a fairly important consideration when drafting a receiver, unless you're the Raiders). No question that he is an athlete and a football player, but does he have a position in the NFL? Good open field runner, maybe a 3rd down back. You'd have to see if he could/would block. He's pretty small (5-11, 199). I'd like to get a look at him returning punts. I certainly wouldn't draft him before the 7th round.

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    Nope. Amanti Edwards. And many others.

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    yes, but not until round 4.

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    I wouldn't completely take him off of my board, but I definitely would not select him until Day 3. Likely the fifth round at the earliest.
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