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I definitely agree that coaching has been pretty bad this year in Pittsburgh, but I think you are overselling the talent on the team too. The Steelers offensive line, even with Pouncey, is questionable on the edge, Brown is a very good WR, but the WR overall isn't special at all, there's a rookie RB, Ben still holds the ball too long at times, and the defense is littered with first-time starters. The Steelers haven't drafted exceptionally well in recent years, and salary cap issues have handicapped them. Even without Haley, the Steelers are a .500 football team.
You're 100% right in what you're said Vance, and I can't argue any of the points you made. The '08 and '09 drafts were completely useless. Not one guy left from either draft. These guys should have been our quality depth at this point, it's why we have no depth at any position on the team but db and safety. Our line is complete garbage as a unit. Were firmly in cap hell. Ben does hold the ball too long, but we could debate the reasons for that ad nauseam.

The only point where I will disagree, is this team talent wise is no better than .500. You can look at the games we played this year already that speak to that not being the case at this point in the season. Had we utilized the hurry up more in the titans game we would have won. Had we kept using it vs the bears we would have gone up 3, instead of down 10 when Ben was instastrip sacked by peppers on a long drop out of the huddle. Had troy not been in the box for all but 3 plays vs the vikes we wouldn't have given up all those huge plays that polamalu was schemed out of, and Ryan Clark played wrong and was caught out of position. I spoke plenty of the Oakland game already.

3 of the 4 we would have won with better play calls from the coaches. We also came into all 4 games completely sleep walking, looking lethargic until after the half. We also did this vs the Bengals, but I feel it wouldn't have mattered. The Bengals have a better team at every position group sans qb, and perhaps the secondary (I can't speak to your secondary, as I've only seen them play one game. Basing that on the gripes of the Bengals fans here, specifically about the safety position).

Don't miscontrue what I was saying. I don't under any circumstances believe we have tons and tons of talent. This isn't a superbowl roster, at all. I was merely speaking to our level of talent vs who we have played thus far if it was coordinated better. We definitely have more talent than the titans, raiders, and Vikings.