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Thread: A new NFL related site

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    A new NFL related site

    Yes, I've been in mothballs for some time now and yes, I'm here (temporarily) to tell you about another NFL related site to waste some time on. It's been a fun journey that has come to eat most of my spare time. I have an ever growing todo list.

    You'll find it here if you like:

    It's still redirecting to but that should be ending soon. It works and whatever problems lurk, I'll have to deal with them anyway.

    I've been asked a number of times... why do this? In part, because I can; I design systems, write software and love the NFL. Over the last few years, while developing various tools to enhance my knowledge and experience, I came to realize that most of the basic foundation was there (existing tools, knowledge, and an approach for adapting new sources) to create a viable competitor to many of the sites I use frequently. Why not take them on?

    There are always new areas to deal with. An idea from a buddy of mine today means I'll need to determine the time until the next game begins to pass along to the scoring page timers so it doesn't sleep too long during the game gaps.

    One significant positive is that I've now got a great resource that could be used to answer Darvon's question from last year about why we need to consider more than 53 players when discussing a team and trying to gauge their future.

    Few are talking about the Bills as a bunch of walking wounded, yet their roster is at 70 players. The 53 everyone talks about, 8 on PS, 1 on IRDR and 8 on IR. There are teams out there with more (most teams have 1 or more on PUP with the extended deadlines). Mike McCarthy talked this year with the team and local press corps about his message that the championship team of 2010 required the services of nearly 80 players. That's the far edge of the league, but Buffalo is a good current example (just realized I should put a player count with the team names in the team view). The current number also ignores the typical bottom of the roster churn and if you want to talk about the total numbers of players a team deals with in a given season, from the start of training camp through now, we're talking about as many as 100 players.

    I only recently added status changes, trades and waiver claims to 'Roster Changes' but it's quite useful. When finished filling in all the trades and tracking down a bunch of waiver claims it'll be better.

    I hope you find it useful. I'm on twitter at @dely and will gladly share my email if asked in PM. I'd appreciate any feedback, either here, via PM or via the site feedback form. Even more important, if you hate it in some way, please tell me why.

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    Cool, ill be keeping an eye on it!
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    Bookmarked - I'll check later to see if Jeff Tuel is actually on an NFL roster.
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    Has the 49ers constant shuffling of #3 quarterbacks given you a migraine yet?


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