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Thread: Official Draft Thread- FP Dynasty League

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    Thanks for all your work! Good luck on the season everyone.
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    Yes, Brian has been a fantastic commissioner thus far, helping me embezzle the league funds to buy hookers and blow.

    Did I write that? Oh well, too late, I am sure these new fangled computer thingies don't have an edit feature, so I guess we're all screwed.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Brian Williams View Post
    Update is complete. The following players are not available in the ESPN Player Universe for some reason. ESPN is usually the best free site, but has really disappointed me thus far. As soon as these players are added, I'll add them to your team.

    Janis- marvin
    Lyerla- biggie
    Blue- mikesteel
    Powell- mikesteel
    Street- packa
    Herron- kaba
    Well, ESPN needs to get their poop straight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Sullivan View Post

    Well, ESPN needs to get their poop straight.
    I am shocked that those players weren't in the database. Especially when Cadillac Williams and Joseph Addai are still readily available.

    I'd guess at least 3 or 4 of those guys at least make a practice squad. I'm sure they'll update once camp starts.
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    If any of you has a RB you want to move, my very tiny RB group could use a body, and trade offers are welcomed.
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