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Thread: Random Bengals Related Posts Thread

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    I'm curious as to what brand, if any, that is.

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    I'm curious as to what brand, if any, that is.
    Not sure what brand it is. Kroger had them so it might be something Kroger put out.

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    The Cincinnati group Walk The Moon made a Bengals shirt. Several NFL team was assigned an artist and that artist designed a shirt over at Teespring.

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    Was watching NFLN Good Morning Football, and they were talking about how people should start Dalton in fantasy. There was banter, and then a backhanded comment that sure he's a top twelve NFL quarterback, but who thinks of him as a must start in fantasy. They then list his top 5 fantasy numbers, Eifert, etc...

    I just smiled a bit that even the dismissive narrative has him climbing the QB rankings. He used to be the perennial 17th best QB where everyone better than him was a starter, and everyone worse than him needed to be replaced in the draft.


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