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Thread: Bengals Salary Cap Update

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    Hearing the Bengals signed Kevin Vickerson, DT from the Broncos.

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    Albert Breer@AlbertBreer 8m8 minutes ago
    Most cap room: 1) JAX $22.95M; 2) CLE $18.94M; 3) PHI $16.30M; 4) NYJ $12.92M; 5) TEN $11.86M; 6) NE $10.33M; 7) CIN $8.97M; 8) OAK $8.96M.

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    Just saw waiting on a Hobson piece to explain why that isn't true. Injury pad, next year's rookies, the easter bunny and tooth fairy's portion etc.

    In all seriousness, assuming we don't sign many guys to replace IR, we should roll another 5-8M into our cap next year. No reason not to sign all of our on guys we want. And some outside guys too but we all know that is mostly a pipe dream.

    We will most likely enter the offseason with something like 40M of cap space and that includes AJ's 10M hold. 4 starters are free agents. Gresham, Rey M, Newman and Boling. I think Gresham is gone and the other 3 shouldn't be too expensive. We should be in great shape.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bengals1181 View Post
    Albert Breer@AlbertBreer 8m8 minutes ago
    Most cap room: 1) JAX $22.95M; 2) CLE $18.94M; 3) PHI $16.30M; 4) NYJ $12.92M; 5) TEN $11.86M; 6) NE $10.33M; 7) CIN $8.97M; 8) OAK $8.96M.

    @Josh_Kirkendall: According to the NFLPA, the Bengals have $13.641 million of cap space available.

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    not sure why there's so much a discrepancy. Maybe Breer didn't account for money rolled over from 2013? Maybe the NFLPA is fudging the numbers for their own purposes?

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    Spotrac shows about 10M and includes the rollover.

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    going up another $5 Million

    Albert Breer@AlbertBreer 8m8 minutes ago
    NFL owners and executives were given the projected cap for 2015 today: $138.6 million.

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    So we definitely have the money to make an AJ deal happen this off-season, right? It only makes sense not to give him a ton of leverage the off-season after. Will this get done?

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    We have a TON of room to get anything we want done. Especially if we trim some of the vets that are overpaid. Leon at 9M, Peko at 4M, Geathers at 3M. Trim those guys and we have about $50M of space. That counts AJ at 10M already.

    Free agents that we may want back include Rey M, Gresham, Boling, Newman, and Lamur. Every other contributor is under contract.

    My bet, they hold on to those overpaid guys, sign AJ and Z extensions re-sign Boling, Lamur and Rey M. Hold on to another huge cap roll over and cry poor about why they can't sign an impact guy.

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    I know the top notch FA dont always work out, but...

    it sucks going knowing that we will very rarely, if ever, spend money on outside free agents.

    I feel like this team is one or two players away from being an extremely good team (plus getting healthy). If we could go out there and sign a solid starting lineman and good defensive end/linebacker, we could fill in the remaining holes in the draft and be really competitive.

    Just kinda sucks knowing it is very unlikely to happen. Im not saying we need to spend millions in FA, but signing a couple good free agents would be nice.


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