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Thread: Tony Ugoh cut

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    Tony Ugoh cut

    Per ESPN the Colts cut Tony Ugoh today. I don't follow the Colts real close so last I'd heard he was a solid left tackle and considered to be a bit of a steal as a 2nd round pick.

    What happened?

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    that was a fast slide. Looked like he was going to be a star a couple of years ago, replaced by Charley Johnson at LT last year, now gone.

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    His problem was reportedly lack of effort. After making mistakes, he would pull himself out of the game mentally. By all accounts, he has the ability, but he needed some type of motivational jump start. He fell out of favor with Howard Mudd (former OL coach), but with new coaches in and a shift to guard this offseason, there was hope that he would turn it around this year. He was given every chance to succeed, but he never took advantage. He was waived for injury, though, so he may end up returning in a few weeks. The Colts are decimated along the offensive line right now, and I think this decision has more to do with the health of starting LT Charlie Johnson. I would guess the Colts are worried about how healthy he is (he was out all preseason) and just needed the spot for a healthy body.

    I've been worried about the offensive line all offseason, and it's only getting worse.

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    For anyone who'd like to know more, here's a couple of good links. The Colts, considering the health of Johnson, might be starting an undrafted rookie to start the season against Mario Williams. Kill me now.

    Indy Star:

    Retired offensive line coach Howard Mudd was convinced, from what I've been told, Ugoh didn't have what it takes to be a player. He wasn't the only one with serious doubts...I've spoken to a couple retired offensive linemen in the past couple years and, each time, they questioned Ugoh's heart and his head. One said Ugoh actually had better physical tools than he had, and this was coming from a guy who played in the NFL a long time. Never forgot that. While media types pride themselves in knowing as much as we can about football and what goes on, I value the opinion of a guy who has played the position professionally over my own. And I hung onto that opinion, wondering if it would ever be necessary to repeat it publicly. Today made sense.

    And here's a couple links which argue that Ugoh wasn't a bust, should your team pick him up. He produced about as well as a bottom of the 2nd rounder. The Colts traded a 1st round pick to get him, though...

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    Peyton is the standard, but even he will struggle with a UFA on his blind side. Lot's of screens and slants, hopefully run some till they can get Johnson back. More pressure on Sanders and the D.

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