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Thread: Bradford looked great last night

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    Bradford looked great last night

    Great showing by Sam (and the rest of the Rams for that matter), and most of it was done without Jackson in the backfield. I'm not used to watching professional here! The Rams actually looked like they were an NFL franchise. It's only preseason, but last night was much needed for all the football fans in STL. It's been 4 years since we saw an effort like that.

    Bradford made quick reads, quick releases, and put the ball on target. The Patriots were using all sorts of different looks and he still managed to zip the ball in there.

    Once again, I'm well aware that this is preseason....but it's nice to watch an NFL quarterback again I'm sure there will be much rookie teething, but there should be some flashes of what's to come as well.

    I'm a happy guy today.

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    It was only preseason, but you have reason to be optimistic. He threw well and made good reads against top defensive players who were playing a very uncomplicated defense. The physical skills will translate to the regular season, his accuracy, arm strength and mobility. The mental aspect, not so much. But I don't know of anyone who has questioned Bradford's intelligence. He still has a long way to go, what you saw last night was probably more of a peek into the future, what Bradford will be in a year or two (provided the Rams line gives him time to throw).

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    Optimism is all that I ask for. I'm realistic. I know the Rams aren't going to be challenging for the Super Bowl, but progress is still very nice to see. I look forward to watching Bradford take his lumps and learn the craft. The last few years, the Rams have not played with pride (outside of the effort of SJ39), and hopefully that changes. Especially at the O-Line.

    In the NFC West, it doesn't take long to get into contention.

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