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Thread: This team just looks bad

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    This team just looks bad

    I know it is pre-season but this defense has been getting marched on just like the end of last season. Maybe it wasn't the coach. Maybe having a weak set of LBs actually matters. If the D is pathetic again Reese needs to go. He needs to stop standing pat is his drafts and move up to draft stud players. He needs to address clear areas of weakness (i.e., LB!!!)

    I am not at all happy about this team.
    - Dom

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    How has Kenny Phillips played since he came back? I haven't gotten to see any of the games. Is Bulluck working out at WLB?

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    Dom I was about to make a very similar post.

    Again, we have to preface it by saying "it's just the preseason"... but let me pose this question to anyone who's seen any of the Giants games so far:
    Have you seen anything from the starters that indicates that this is a playoff team?

    -All I can come up with is that Bradshaw has looked pretty good at times (but the O-Line has NOT... they need to get healthy in a hurry)
    -The pass rush has looked good at times (but once again people have been running around free in our coverage like it's not even there... I'm somewhat willing to attribute that to lack of preseason scheming)

    @Wordsworth - Neither has played much in the preseason, their returns are being handled very cautiously.

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    There a many different ways to view the preseason, and much of it depends on the team. The Giants, as a rule, do not gameplan for preseason games. However, they have faced 2 teams this year that do (Jets, Ravens), so they are bound to struggle in those games. However, it would be comforting as a fan of a team that finished last year on a 3-8 skid to see some signs of change, and we have not seen that yet. I personally am not going to get too worried about the offense, they have been unable to play the full starting unit together yet, and I believe there is enough talent there to at least keep us in games. The defense was the cause of all our problems last season, and I still feel uneasy watching them this pre-season. I'm aware there have been injuries, and Fewell has only shown 5-6 looks so far, but I'm not convinced we have as much talent as we think. I love Tuck and Webster, Thomas is strong, Rolle will be an upgrade, but everyone else to me is a question mark...and if Ross is out for any length of time, and our LB's continue to, well, lets be honest, suck, it may be a long season.

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    I agree the offense has the talent when healthy... but the offensive line is anything but healthy. We'll see, I'm still optimistic about them.

    I like what I've seen from the starting defensive line, but the linebackers look terrible, and Rolle looked awful last night.

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    I'll only begin to worry on September 12.

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    Some thoughts I've got (good and bad):

    Justin Tuck is a great DE, one of the best in the NFL. Duh.

    Ahmad Bradshaw has the potential to be a great RB. Semi-duh.

    Jacobs isn't completely out of gas yet. Duh?

    If the D-lines & O-lines continue to play as they have, Tuck's and Bradshaw's and Jacobs' talents will be wasted. Super-ultra-Duh.

    Deon Grant is nothing more than a semi-passable backup safety at best. (This is one of those instances where I hate to be proven right.)

    Jason Pierre-Paul better start doing some backflips that end up in quarterback sacks, or Jerry Reese may end up in the NFL unemployment office.

    The team as a whole better start performing like they've got any heart at all, or Coughlin will be standing beside Reese in the unemployment lunchline.

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    I for one was frustrated by Coughlin before the SB win. I wanted him gone, and ate my crow after the miracle season. However, I look at the team now and don't blame Tom, I blame the front office. The talent level has decreased every season after JR's first, and almost all of his FA signings haven't panned out, and some have outright stunk (and still stink..yea, Boley and Bernard, I'm lookin at you). The O-line has gotten old, and they have done very little to address it, the LB crew is not NFL quality, and JR refuses to get us depth at crucial positions until after the fact (safety last year, CB this year if Ross is out). The lack of passion we see is an indication of the lack of leaders on this team, another problem carrying over from the disaster of last year. All that said, I think if we can get off to a good start, and Fewell can turn this D into an aggressive unit again, the confidence will build, and there is certainly enough talent to compete.

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    I'm in the same boat as you kotar when it comes to Coughlin. I wanted him out until the Super Bowl. But hey, how many old grumpy men do you know that changed their attitudes that late in life? I think we had good reason for wanting him out and good reason for wanting him to stay afterwards.

    You make good points about Reese, and maybe I've been too easy on him. I just tend to think (right or wrong) that he's a pretty good GM (we could do a lot worse) and if you have a pretty good GM, give him some time. More time than the NFL generally gives.

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    In Reese's defense, if you look back on the last couple drafts, for the most part he picked the best player at a position of need for the Giants. In 2007 we needed a CB, and Aaron Ross was the best available when we drafted. In 2008 we needed a safety, and Kenny Phillips was probably the best of that draft class. In 2009 we thought we needed a WR, and Hakeem Nicks was the best available when we drafted.

    As for this year's pick, well the jury's still WAY out on Jason Pierre-Paul. Hell, the jury's still not even in the same zip code as the courthouse. Personally, I haven't seen anything in preseason to justify picking him any higher than the fourth round, much less the #15 overall pick, but I'm hoping he becomes something special.

    I also hope to win the lottery, but so far haven't had any luck there either.

    As for Reese's free agency acquisitions, I have no idea what he was thinking picking up Rocky Bernard or Deon Grant, so he should definitely catch some flak in that area. But really if you look at this team, if everybody just plays to their potential we'll at least make the playoffs. This team is above average, talent-wise, in every area except maybe the linebacking corps. Which is why I think our problems from last year had little to nothing to do with the talent on the field, and I'm seriously hoping those issues don't carry over any further into this season. Because those kind of problems can't be addressed in the draft or free agency.

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