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Thread: pre season game 3 real short recap

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    pre season game 3 real short recap

    its just pre season no worries yet. but i do have 4 issues

    1. that defenseless receiver call on rolle was awful, bob papa explained its a rule change this year. well then its an awful rule. you cant ask a defensive player to assume that the guy drops the pass he always should assume catch and make the play he was taught to make, he shouldn't be penalized because the offense couldn't execute the play. im all for fouls on helmet to helmet hits. but if you hit someone in the shoulder and thats a penalty well then this isn't really football anymore.

    2. kevin gilbride needs to get out of 1985 the game has evolved and his offensive play calling hasn't changed since then. i the average fan can sit their and call out his plays im sure these pros can too. when you have as many offensive weapons as our offense they shouldn't be restrained by an awful offensive coordinator. our offense was more dynamic with worse all around players when sean peyton was our offensive coordinator. I guess we know now why buddy ryan punched gilbride in the face.

    3. if Manning felt rusty told you he was rusty and missed the previous game and every other team in this league plays their starting offense into the third quarter whats makes T.C. think its wise to take our starters out at halftime. so many guys have missed so much time in camp and we need time to gel, and this was a great opportunity and we missed it

    4. MICHAEL BOLEY IF THIS WAS MY TEAM YOU WOULD BE CUT! every time he made contact with a blocker he gave up stopped running and just watched guys go by i know its pre season but how you practice is how you really play.....Play to the (Rex Ryan expletive) Whistle!

    now for the good

    1. Sean Andrews was blowing Ngata up all night and opening huge gaping holes(if healthy i think the giants starting oline should be. (LT)diehl, (LG)andrews, (C)ohara, snee(RG), beatty(RT)

    2. Victor Cruz

    3. Corey Webster. I have seen Corey make some great plays, but nothing like that play he made on the back shoulder fade in the endzone last night. that was a perfectly run route and throw ball by Big Joe Flacco and Webster was on it the whole time, Kudos to him!(Michael Boley take notes Lazy)

    so thats all i got. questions?, comments?, concerns?.....Have a nice day!

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    Couple comments:

    - I wouldn't get too upset about the offensive playcalling, since there was zero gameplanning involved. If you don't like Gilbride based on previous seasons, well that's another point entirely.
    - Beatty at RT? From what I saw of him at RT last night he looked terrible.
    - I didn't get a good look at Andrews, but if he really was playing that well against Ngata that makes me very happy.

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    i have never liked killdrives play calling.

    i think the beatty problems at RT were because it was a last minute shift, with mckenzie being out. can't be easy to practice one position all summer and at the last second be thrown into the fire

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    I may be president of the hating Gilbride club, and I do feel he is a hindrance to Eli at times. However, to care about play calling in a pre-season game is foolish. I for one was not as discouraged as many seem to be after last night. We finally saw the D-line do what they are supposed to do, and our entire success on defense will be predicated on them in my opinion. The backups in the secondary made it seem much worse, but I do have to agree about Boley...he is awful against the run, and his so-called pass defending skills have been non-existent since we got him. Unfortunately, since we didn't address LB's in the draft, we are stuck. They may be the downfall of the entire D if they can't stop any TE's or RB's coming out of the backfield.

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