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Thread: Response to Cris Collinsworth's appraisal of the Giants

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    Well from what I read about Fewell is although he is tagged as a Cover-2 D coordinator that is not all that accurate. A Cover-2 scheme is so basic in its setup and does not alter looks up front to often. It appears that Fewell will move around the D-Linemen much like Spags did. He will allow our corners to play up and bump which a lot of Cover-2 coordinators want their DBs off the LOS...and he is very aggressive with blitzes. Where most Cover-2 coordinator rely on the front 4 and don't have to many exotic blitzes. I expect to see a Cover-2 but more of a highbrid version of it.

    And I agree with Giantsfan97 again about the LB group. I love Boley and I think he will do very well this year now that he is healthy. Sintim scares me a little because I feel that he still has a lot to learn coming from a 3-4 scheme in VA. He has all the tools of another Jesse Armstead but can he pull it all together and be such a great all around LB like Armstead was? I believe he can once he feels comfortable in our defense because he was an animal for Al Groh in VA.

    And our MLB will be the most intriguing question going into camp. I compare this situation to the WR group last year with the amount of uncertainty that surrounds it. Dillard...Goff...Wilkinson...Blackburn those are the candidates. Blackburn has proven to be reliable and a blue-collar guy. Although he does not really excite you with his athleticism he will be where he suppose to be on every play. Dillard is the wildcard because all we know about him is what we read. But from the reports I've read about him he can certainly make a strong case to start if he shows he knows his assignments as well as everyone else's like AP did. Goff started 5 games last year and was nothing to write home about...but the flip side you didn't complain about him either. I think as of now he has the inside track to start the year as the MIKE. Wilkinson…well I feel this is really his last chance in my opinion. He was a third round choice and has spent more time injured then healthy. One game he really impressed me was in 2007 week 17 against the Pats. He played very well that game but I am not sold on him what so ever. In my opinion he will be the odd man out in this race to the MLB spot.

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    i actually read that although fewell plays alot of cover 2 zone coverage the corners play bump at the line and there is alot of blitzing involved its a very very aggressive scheme...we can get burned alot deep for big plays. which is more to our 2007-2008 mentality which i like.
    offensively i think we will see the passing game take a step back although eli will have a great season we wont see numbers like steve smith put up last year, to much talent to spread the ball around too, i think if the oline is healthy we will be able to run the ball with the best of them, of course you always take into consideration the injuries that have and could continue to plague us. I
    n my opinion if all falls right we are a playoff team making a run at another championship!

  3. It's tough to say these guys were dogging it toward the end of last year, they just did not have the talent. Speed was a major issue, but the communication seemed even worse, especially with the safeties. It was so bad, but I think that will be sured up with Rolle and a healthy (hopefully) Phillips. The concern for all of us is still the linebackers and it probably will be the whole season. I don't think Coughlin and Fewell should have any preconceived notions about who should be starting. Training camp should be completely open competition for every linebacker position.

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    Huge Giants fan here. I like the forum. I think we will be better than last year but I am not confident at all we will be contending for the division much less the SB (though hopeful!).
    Some of my thoughts:
    1. We have a lot of 'beef' at D tackle that is supposed to be good but has not done much of any thing. If the DTs can deliver we will get a lot more from our D ends - I think Tuck/Osi/Kiwi will raise hell. I am more excited about Linvall than JPP...
    2. We have no idea what we will get from K. Phillips this year and our back up plan had a tragic accident and is hoping he can walk again. We should not assume the safety position is totally solved - though Rolle will be an improvement
    3. I think Brandon Jacobs is done. In the first game against the skins last year he got crushed and seemed shook after the hit. It reminded me of Okoye after the Atwater hit. The rest of the year played out as I feared. I do think between Branshaw, Ware and Andrew Brown they have good enough talent but...
    4. It may be time to change the offensive philosophy. I have been and still am an eli doubter but it is clear the run game is not as dominant as it was. It also is clear our best talent is in the WRs. TC needs to have an open mind and consider a spread offense. We have the WRs, the H-Back in Beckum, QB who loves the shot-gun and a third round physical freak sitting on the bench because he is not a good special teamer!?

    would love forum thoughts..

    - Dom

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    The biggest question I have for this upcoming year is WHY did the team quit at the end of the year (say what you want, but there's no other way to characterize those embarrassments against Carolina and Minnesota without lying to yourself), and WHAT improvements need to be made to make sure that never happens again? You can have all the talent in the world, but if the team plays with no heart and flat-out quits like they did at the end of last season it won't do any good.

  6. I had a few running backs tell me Brandon Jacobs would be one and done. He is too tall, runs to high, and cannot protect his legs. Nobody ever hits him above the knee cap. Neither would I.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cris Collinsworth View Post
    I had a few running backs tell me Brandon Jacobs would be one and done. He is too tall, runs to high, and cannot protect his legs. Nobody ever hits him above the knee cap. Neither would I.
    I think LaRon Landry tried hitting him above the kneecaps once.


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    That's one of those OHHHHHHHH! clips. Damn, that was nice.

    Also, nice Johnny Dangerous reference.
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    Quote Originally Posted by msclemons View Post

    Also, nice Johnny Dangerous reference.
    my mother shot me once.............once!
    There is only one immutable law in life - in a gentleman's toilet, incoming traffic has the right of way.
    -Hugh Leonard

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colts01 View Post
    my mother shot me once.............once!
    Not to nitpick, but it was Grandma who shot him

    Other favorites:

    "It's an .88 Magnum. It shoots through schools."

    "Whatcha cookin, ma?"
    "With noodles? Nice."

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