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Thread: AFC Playoff predictions

  1. Afc east Jets
    afc north ravens
    afc south texans
    afc west chargers
    wild card bengels
    wild card colts

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    I don't foresee much turnaround next year, but if I had to only go with three of the six...
    1. Indianapolis Colts-have proven time and time again that they are something you can count, as long as Peyton stays healthy
    2. Baltimore Ravens-only weak spot is QB, but receiving corps upgrade should cover that blemish up a bit. Aging defense worries me, too.
    3. Here's where it gets iffy...

    Candidates for third spot:
    -Patriots: Brady should be better, defense should be better...
    -Jets: on paper, might be the scariest team in the AFC
    -Chargers: good team in a horrendous division
    -Bengals: nice additions in the offseason to counter their weakpoints

    [I could see all four returning, no surprise here if they do]

    Shoot. I am going to break the rules, and say that all six teams in the playoffs next year are in it again. Is that going out on a limb in itself? I'll take:
    AFC North-Ravens (#1 seed)
    AFC South-Colts (#2 seed)
    AFC East-Jets (#3 seed)
    AFC West-Chargers (#4 seed)
    WC#1-Patriots (#5 seed)
    WC#2-Bengals (#6 seed)

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    I love that robthemany's a rebel!
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  4. Andy, Hey!

    I'm new to the site and also a Dolphin fan. I can appreciate your opinion on HENNE. I can. I just accept it within the context of this thread which is PICK AFC PLAYOFF TEAMS. Now granted, HENNE has a lot to prove the league as far as being a winner in the post-season (and directly being the reason for the wins) but so do a LOT of other young QB's you have going to the show!

    Are you saying that The Steelers (without their starting QB for at least 4 games - possibly 6) are going to end up in the playoffs OVER the Miami Dolphins? I don't think so!

    In the AFC race, these are the teams that will be vying for a playoff spot near the end -


    I think this year the Patriot's Defense drops them into a 10-6 team, that Mark Sanchez's inconsistency drops The Jets to a 10-6 team as well and that it's The Dolphins with Mike Nolan's Defense, Marshall and Henne and Ricky and Ronnie who take the AFC East with an 11-5 record.

    I think the Ravens take a HUGE step with Anquan Boldin and win the division outright with The Bengals close on their heels thanks to that great defense! I think The Steelers go 8-8 and are OUT of the playoffs this year altogether and that Rothlisberger ends up in Oakland for the 2011 season opener!

    I think the Colts will win their division again but not with 12 wins, with 11. In fact, don't be surprised if this year they TIE with The Titans and it comes down to tiebreakers and such! The Titans have a stout "d" and a running game to go with an up and coming QB. That's just like the JETS and DOLPHINS. Except that Vince Young and Chad Henne will succeed and Mark Sanchez will not. He doesn't have the arm necessary to play in the Northeast. For that you need a Jim Kelly or Dan Marino or John Elway Arm. Even Phil Simms had more arm than Sanchez. So, in this division the Colts and Titans tie and The Texans slide horribly back to sub-500 due to injuries and awful defense.

    Finally the west... What can you say? The Chargers have it SO easy! They could win that division and be a sub 500 team! However, they are a very GOOD team that's about to get even better now that LT is gone and out of the picture!

    So who goes?

    In my opinion,

    AFC EAST - Miami Dolphins
    AFC NORTH - Baltimore Ravens
    AFC SOUTH- Indianapolis Colts / Tennessee Titans
    AFC WEST - San Diego Chargers

    WILDCARDS - New England Patriots & whomever DOESN'T win the South (Colts or Titans)

    That's how I see it based on the schedule as well!

    Now one more thing about HENNE and SANCHEZ...

    Who exactly believes or is saying that noodle arm MARK SANCHEZ will have a BETTER year than cannon armed HENNE? Hahaha!! Not only will HENNE have a monster year passing (25 td's or more) but Ronnie Brown & Ricky Williams will both have incredible years running! AGAIN! And all thanks to the nightmare opposing defenses will have covering and accounting for Brandon Marshall. Yes! He makes THAT big of a difference! No more 8 and 9 man fronts for the Dolphins to have to run into. If they see that, Marshall will burn them alive!

    The Jets are gonna suffer setbacks because of some bad decisions they've made and because they have a coach who gambles TOO much.

    The Jets replaced their running backs and I'm glad to say, not with "upgrades". LT is done and has NEVER rushed well against a Dolphin team. So do you like the Jets over the Dolphins for the playoffs based SOLELY on the performance of their DEFENSE?

    Because I think you'll find that The Jets "D" is gonna be good but not as effective this year and totally break down against BRANDON MARSHALL when they play the Phins. If they single cover MARSHALL, even with REVIS, Marshall is going to get the best of that matchup. Revis is an excellent corner but Marshall is a GREAT player. One on one and Marshall wins that battle 7 times out of ten. If the Jets DOUBLE Marshall and still decide to play pressure "D" then Henne will beat them this year as he did last year! With pinpoint passing into the flats and open areas the blitz leaves behind! Look for Davone Bess and Camarillo to have HUGE success if Marshall is doubled and Rex (Pass Me A Donut) Ryan decides to play BUDDY BALL.

    This isn't some WILD prediction, it's what HAPPENED last year! Henne only had ONE truly bad int (an overthrow) in those meetings and (if you noticed) faced the Jet pass rush with calm and poise.

    So anyway, those are my thoughts! Wondering what you think! GO DOLPHINS!!

  5. And you honestly think that BRANDON MARSHALL who made Kyle Orton look like an NFL QB all of the sudden isn't going to elevate and positively affect HENNE's game? You know, you're looking at 12 TD's and 14 picks as if THAT defines him! It does not! What he does THIS year with a stout OL, a good running game NOT facing 9 man fronts and a receiving corps with a true #1 receiver for the first time since freaking IRVING FRYAR, THAT will define him! And I think he throws 25 or more td's and less than 10 picks. That he takes a HUGE step forward in his development and guides the Phins to the Playoffs in 2010 - 2011. How deep they go who knows! But Henne will BE THERE and his int to td ratio will be excellent. Mark my words!

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    perezferia must be Gus Johnson's screen name.
    “There is an old saying about the strength of the wolf is the pack, and I think there is a lot of truth to that. On a football team, it's not the strength of the individual players, but it is the strength of the unit and how they all function together.”--Bill Belichick

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    East: Jets (Fourth seed)
    North: Ravens (Third seed)
    South: Colts (First seed)
    West: Chargers (Second seed)
    WC: Patriots (Could very well win the East, but I think the lack of Welker will continue to be a problem.)
    WC: Dolphins (I think Henne and Marshall will be fun to watch.)

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    AFC East: New England
    AFC North: Baltimore
    AFC South: Houston
    AFC West: San Diego
    Wild Card: Miami
    Wild Card: Cleveland

    The 50% turnover rule is particularly limiting in the AFC - where you almost feel compelled to etch the Patriots (or Jets), Colts, Ravens, and Chargers in stone. I decided that the Super Bowl loser curse tends to be exceptionally powerful (look at what happened to Tom Brady the year after the 18-1 season), so for the purposes of this prediction, I'm going to project something awful to happen to the Colts that makes them just miss the playoffs. The only other way to go is to knock the Chargers out of the AFC West, which is tempting due to their offseason problems, but at the end of the day I couldn't convince myself to write in Denver, Kansas City, or Oakland.

    I've stated before that I think the Jets are the most overrated team coming into the offseason, so it's not surprising that I left them out of the playoffs. I wasn't sure about putting Miami in, but after scanning the rest of the potential AFC playoff contenders I decided to put them in the wild card spot over Tennessee.

    I think the Ravens are going to the Super Bowl, and I wrote them into the AFC North. I think Cincinnati will come crashing down to Earth as they play their first place schedule and they will not go 6-0 in the division again. I think Pittsburgh and Roethlisberger will struggle to get into a rhythm this season. In the "Surprises" thread, I decided to jump on Cleveland so I am picking them here for consistency's sake. Something unexpected happens in the NFL every year and this year nobody is talking about the Browns, but Mangini saved his job last year with a big winning streak to end the season and I think the Browns can capitalize on the momentum.

    I thought last year might be the year the Colts abdicated the division title, but it didn't happen. This year, I'm going with the "Super Bowl Loser Curse" as my only justification for Houston taking the division title. Tennessee is a contender too, but ultimately I trust Matt Schaub more than Vince Young. I think Jacksonville is stuck in this rut where they aren't good enough to make the playoffs but never bad enough to get a real franchise QB in the draft.

    The AFC West could be a real ugly race. At the end of last season, San Diego looked head and shoulders above the competiiton but it has been an ugly offseason for them. But, much like Arizona in the NFC West, I think they can take a step back and still win this division. Kansas City or Oakland might make things interesting, and Denver will hover around 8-8, but the Chargers will win the division.

    In the end, I think it will be Baltimore and New England playing for the AFC Championship.

  9. Ha. I love the Cleveland pick. Go big or go home. Jake the Snake to the rescue. If they make the playoffs I am sending you a FPL t-shirt. We don't have any yet, but I figure by the time the Browns make the playoffs, we will.

  10. Nice twist. I like calling the seeds as well. I am going to work on that today.

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