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Thread: Injuries - Who is responsible?

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    Injuries - Who is responsible?

    Can you shed some light on the question of responsibility of injury diagnosis. I am not including the Bryant issue here (i think that was an utter failure by the Bengals staff to properly review the injury) but the example of Rashard Jeanty made me wonder. He breaks his leg, the Bengals medical staff says he does not need surgery (who would pay for that by the way), he gets a second opinion from another team during a free agency visit, they say he does need surgery to put a pin in to stabilize the leg. He has surgery, signs his offer sheet from the Bengals, then later fails a physical and the Bengals cut him. Now he is mad at the Bengals for cutting him this way. So my questions are:

    1> Who's responsibility is it for diagnosis and treatment of an injury.
    2> Who pays for any surgery?
    2.5> Who pays for outside diagnosis/treatment of an injury (recommended or not).
    3> If a player decides to get treatment not recommended by team doctors, does that violate contract terms (CBA or personal (though I guess this one would be individual to the player)or anything??
    4> With their history of screw ups, do you think the Bengals should fire their entire medical staff and get new ones or are they just overworked. (Lets face it, the track record sucks!)
    5> Whose decision is it to practice/play when injured - Medical staff, coach or player?? If injured does a player have to cleared to practice (this is specific to Bryant and the decision to practice the first day, it sounds like he decided to practice, would he have been cleared and told it was his decision or did he make the decision on his own??)

    Anyone of the contributors can answer this, I just thought I would start with the top dog...


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    Jeanty had every right to get a second opinion on the surgery, but didn't. That's on him.

    He wasn't going to make the team anyway.

    I can't say I know one way or another what the real truth is, but I do know that in light of the Bryant thing, Jeanty's agent is likely to say pretty much anything to place the blame on the team.

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    You'd be best looking into the CBA maybe on, MLB has specific provisions ie if team says no surgery but 2nd opinion is yes, the player is responsible. This is what I believe is the current status. The team doctor is responsible for diagnosis and most treatment. Surgery is performed by some specialist recommended by team. For injuries, players that aren't cleared medically are allowed to play if they sign the appropriate waivers as per Shawne Merriman's moronic attempt to play without Knee ligaments 2 years ago. Doctors/Trainers tell coaches when players can play and if you think there's not some ethical issues caused by coaches and doctors having the same employer you'd be wrong. Oj McDuffie had his career ruined by a false diagnosis of turf toe and successfully sued for his entire contract to be paid out. The coaching staff in Cleveland(Mangini) came up with the sterilization procedures for the MRCSA outbreak which ended Joe Jurevicious' career and several other players, most of whom won lawsuits getting their money back due to medical malpractice.

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