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Thread: Time of Death, Last Night

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottDCP View Post
    Waste of time, energy, and teammates' careers. The Orton is better than Manuel will ever be. Play the one who is better. All you he playing Manuel is a better additional first round pick for Cleveland next year, because the whole team will shut down if you do that. They do not believe in him. Long term Manuel is not worth putting on the field.
    What he said. EJ is not a young guy who might pan out. He's a total dud and could only ever start an NFL game again for these Bills this year. And that would be a huge mistake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swami View Post
    It's over, Brauneyz. The team has the talent, but it's not going to happen. And they face an uphill struggle going forward with little QB talent and no 1st round pick next year. A gutless coach will not be able to resurrect this squad with this schedule. We need a new GM, Head Coach and QB. Maybe having a new owner gives that a shot.[b] If he gives this regime another year, he might as well have built the world's biggest bonfire with 1.4 billion dollar bills.[\b]
    Just revisited. Interesting.
    Go, Flaming Thumbtacks!


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